Putin responds to espionage poisoning

Per Skov, the Russian President's press secretary, said the British Foreign Secretary Boris should apologize for the "reversal of the plot" in the former Russian spy poisoning case and the British president's news secretary, Per Skov 3. In this regard, the Russian President Putin, held in Ankara, capital of Turkey, on 4 days, said that Russia did not expect to receive an apology, just hope that everyone can return to common sense, the sound of reason can take up the upper hand and hope that international relations can be restored to normal. gay sauna
Russian President Putin: we do not expect any (apology). We only hope that you will return to common sense and hope that international relations will not be too much damaged as it is now. Not only on the issue of Skrypal's assassination, but also in other aspects of international relations, our work needs to be built on the basis of the basic principles of international law in the framework of a reasonable political process, which will make the world situation more stable and clear. gay escort