More than 100 officials were appointed by the State Council for 1 days

(original title: the State Council appointed more than 100 officials in 1 days).
One day before Qingming Festival, the State Council released the appointment and dismissal of more than 100 people. gay male massage videos
The statistics of the political circle found that the two appointment and dismissal messages issued in April 4th were related to 17 state departments, 1 directly affiliated institutions, 4 directly affiliated institutions, 3 direct institutions and 5 ministries. 95 people were newly appointed, and 15 of them were exempt from their duties. 5 of them were exempt from their duties. Most of these people are ministerial level, and there are no lack of ministerial level.
The appointment and dismissal of the State Council (April 4th) gay male massage 
The number is too large, do not you know politics in detail, only a few points.
6 people go to Beijing
Most of the officials involved in the appointment had already worked in the State Council institutions. Only 5 people had never experienced their duty in Beijing before the appointment. See table down down down
The first local officials in Beijing
It is not uncommon for the central land to communicate over the years. With a new round of institutional reform of the party and the state to these local officials are "after 60". 4 of the 5 people are the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee. From the resume, Li Qun and Weng Jie Ming served as the Standing Committee for over 10 years. Cheng Lihua, who became the Standing Committee last year, is the only female and the only 65 after that. male massage
In the two sessions of this year, the Minister of Finance replaced Liu Kun and Xiao Jie took the post of Xiao Jie. This round of appointment, the Ministry of finance "in two," Vice Minister Cheng Lihua took office at the same time, Zhang Shaochun and Yao Bin's history. Two people were born in 1958, and usher in the retirement year.
After adjustment, "60 after" became the Deputy main force of Liu Kun, the new Cheng Lihua. However, she has rich experience in the field of Finance and taxation. After graduating from Liaoning finance and Economics College (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics), Cheng Lihua worked in the Finance Department of Qinghai province for nearly 30 years. At the beginning of 2014, the official career continued to meet the "three changes". The deputy governor of Qinghai was elected to the provincial and ministerial rank of officials, and was transferred to Tianjin to join the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, to go to Beijing, and to be the Vice Minister of the Ministry of finance.
The most similar to Cheng Lihua's experience is Li Li: Jiangxi Xinfeng was born, after graduating from the Gannan Medical College after 35 years of health system, at the end of 2016, promoted deputy governor, the deputy director of the State Administration of drug spa
Zheng Zhi circle also noticed that Xu Ganlu, who left the Ministry of public security in 2015, returned to the Ministry of public security in the appointment and removal of this round. Born in January 1962, he worked in his hometown Fujian in his early years and entered the Ministry of public security in 80s last century. In the past 3 years, he was briefly inaugurated in Henan, acting as the director of the Public Security Department of Henan Province, and later entering the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee.