"Jocie Guo flaunt wealth" triggered a crisis of confidence's discussion on the revision of the Red Cross Society

Zhong Xuequan, vice director and host of the news center of the thirteen session of the first session
Welcome to the press conference of the first meeting of the thirteen National People's Congress, the theme of this press conference is the legislative work of the people's Congress. Today we are very happy to invite the twelve session of the National People's Congress House Judiciary Committee Mr. Wang Shengming, vice chairman of the financial and Economic Committee, Mr. Uritu, vice chairman of the education science culture and Health Committee Mr. Wu Heng, vice chairman of the environmental and Resources Protection Committee Ms. Lv Caixia, Mr. Wang Chaoying, deputy director of Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee Legislative Affairs Committee Deputy Director Xu Anbiao mr.. Now, please ask.gay male massage
Legal Daily, legal network reporter
Thank you for the host. We know that in May 8th this year is the Wenchuan earthquake of 10th anniversary, in the same year in the reconstruction process, there is a so-called trust crisis, is the Chinese Red Cross was exposed to buy 1000 top price tents with 13 million yuan, resulting in a trust crisis, and in the near future, it should be 2011 when there was another public event, this event is Jocie Guo events show off their wealth, is the credibility of the Red Cross Chinese pushed in the teeth of the storm. We note that last year, the NPC Standing Committee revised the Red Cross law, this law was officially implemented in May 8th last year, our problem is that trust crisis triggered in response to public events, whether the legislation will play what role? What specific regulations do this law have on improving the performance of the Red Cross? Thank you
Wu Heng, vice director of the education, science and Culture Committee
Thank the reporter and mention the problems in the cause of the Red Cross in China. Indeed, the twelve NPC Standing Committee revised the Red Cross law, and I want to review it briefly. The law is submitted for review by the National People's Congress esch Committee, of course, the relevant agencies, including the China Red Cross work, a lot of basic assistance. The Education Committee in 2014 assumed the lead revision of Chinese Red Cross method, through nearly two years of effort, because the cause of the Red Cross, especially just reporter to us on some of the problems encountered in the whole society, caused by such significant repercussions, the committee also spent a lot of time and energy in recent years the time, finally in June 2016 for the twenty-first session of the Standing Committee for deliberation. After several deliberations of the Standing Committee, it was considered and passed at the twenty-sixth Standing Committee in February last year. This is a simple review of the process. male massage 
I responded briefly to the reporter. What did the Red Cross law mainly reflect? In the modification of the Red Cross in which we, first, to further strengthen the construction of the supervision system of the Red Cross, because from some phenomenon, indeed feel the need to further strengthen supervision, certainly also has the Red Cross organization management in many places is very orderly, we have some good practices in the legal concise. Reflects the strengthening of the supervision of the red cross.
Second, the levels of the Red Cross to further clear the qualifications of a legal person, in accordance with the law as an organization, its legal personality, while social activities must be like the reporter just talked about, in the Wenchuan earthquake, he played a role, then it must have a certain legal identity.
Third, considering the modern technology and the development of modern society in change, in the Red Cross law endows the Red Cross donation of human organs and other aspects of the work, such as bone marrow transplantation, although in the whole society the amount is not too large, but to really need the crowd, is indeed a very important thing. In addition, in the modification of the law also emphasized that the third party to set up an independent audit of the source, and the use of donations, and the results of the audit to report to the Council of the red cross. This is also before a lot of people criticized the Red Cross Information Public opaque, so in the time of the law to make this clear. Of course, the changes in the law have further clarified how the Council, the Executive Committee and the board of supervisors were born, and their mutual responsibilities. Or around me, I just talked about, Xiufali first important point, is to put the supervision system to further consolidate more real, more. gay sauna