Macao has already been monitored by mainland officials to gamble

The National People's Congress, the president of the Legislative Council he Yicheng District of Macao. Data map
The Macao delegation has held three media open days during the conference in March 10th. So far, the delegation of the thirteen session of the National People's Congress has opened the most. gay escort
"We hope to go into Macao delegation through more media, spread the voice of Macao in the new era, let the mainland people know Macao better, and Macao people will have a better understanding of China." As the representative of the National People's Congress of the delegation of the Macao delegation and chairman of the Legislative Council of the Macao Special Administrative Region, he sincerely explained that the Macao regiment was open for several times. "Then we will continue to hold an open day."gay male massage videos
In the hands of the two reports under consideration, two consecutive re-election of the president of the Legislative Council of the Macao SAR he Yicheng many suggestions. During his exclusive interview with reporters, he talked about how Macao cooperates with mainland anti corruption in the gaming industry and the process of building a rule of law society in China. "Macao compatriots are very recognized for the rule of law in the mainland."
Key words: Anti-corruption
"Someone has just entered the casino and the unit leader calls it."
Surging news: since the eighteen major, the strength of anti-corruption in the mainland has continued to increase, and does the storm affect the gambling industry in Macao?
He Yicheng: there was indeed a gambling official in Macao in the past, because the management of "small money" was not strict enough to gamble with the money of the public. In recent years, the "small vault" and "small money house" have been broken down, and the situation is much better, because many officials are within the scope of monitoring. The vast majority of the present are common people and entrepreneurs, and even the bankers and financial workers want to come to Macao, and there are fewer officials.
Surging news: what are the unique ways of managing the gambling industry in Macao? How to cooperate with the anti-corruption in the mainland?
He Yicheng: Macao is monitoring the gambling of the public officials in the inland area. As soon as he enters the casino, you will know immediately. Some people just sat down, and the phone call of the leader of the unit came. In China, only this place in Macao can be legally gambling. In management, we have some internal means. Because not only the mainland, as long as there are casinos, the rest of the world will pay attention to the country's gambling spa
Surging news: the state supervisory committee will be born during the two sessions, and will oversee all public officials who exercise public power. This is a major political reform. As an anti-corruption agency, is there a trend to reform the ICAC in Macao?
He Yicheng: I can't see it now. Macao ICAC is an agency chief executive under the work report to the chief executive, not to the Legislative Council, the procuratorate report, if the chief executive can charge, will bring the case transferred to the procuratorate, and the mainland after the supervision law is the same.
Surging news: in Macao, what is the social status of the ICAC?
He Yicheng: from a number of directors and prosecutors, our independent commission against corruption is independent. It is independent of the leadership of the judiciary. Its direct supervisor is chief executive. So is Hongkong. The ICAC also existed before the return of Macao, and it was a very independent operation before and after the sex massage