Is China's opening to the outside world limited to foreign capital? Minister of Commerce response

China International Television question: in 2017, China's absorption of foreign capital has reached a new high. But there are voices saying that China's opening up is not enough, and there are many restrictions on foreign investment. What's the next plan for attracting foreign investment?gay spa
Zijin Mountain: some foreign enterprises have complained about China's investment environment and have some new demands. They also have confidence in the development of China's trade. 
The 3 will not change in China's absorption of foreign capital, and the next step will focus on the 5 work. One is to deepen the foreign system reform; the two is to expand the opening of the market, the degree of financial performance of foreign development, expansion of telecommunications, health and education, pension, new energy vehicles and other development; three given free trade zone for greater autonomy, to explore the construction of free trade port, open new trade male massage
Four, optimize the open layout, turn the West from the open end to the open frontier; five, open the investment environment, treat domestic and foreign capital equally, increase the protection of intellectual property rights, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign sauna