The mortgage rate has risen slightly but still at a lower level

In March 9th, the people's Bank of Chinese governor Zhou Xiaochuan, deputy governor Yi Gang, deputy governor, director of the State Administration of foreign exchange Pangong - on financial reform and development issues related to Chinese and foreign reporters to answer questions. When answering questions about the real estate credit policy, Pan Gongsheng said that mortgage interest rate rose slightly, but still at a low level. The central bank has been sticking to prudent real estate loan male massage videos
Surging news reporter: in 2017, the credit policy of many cities was significantly tightened. Is there any new change in the recent housing credit policy? What is the real estate credit policy? Please introduce it.
Pan Gongsheng: in 2017, the national housing loans increased by 4 trillion,gay spa  an increase of 22%. Last year, the total loans of the yuan grew by 12.7%, and the housing loans were almost 10 points. The reasonable growth of housing loans can meet the needs of housing loans. The amount of housing loan repayment has risen, but in a long period, it is still in a reasonable range. The people's Bank will urge commercial banks to actively implement the policy of housing loan differentiation to meet the housing loan needs of the citizens. Our real estate credit management is in good condition, and the overall risk is controllable. Our country has always adopted a prudent policy in real estate housing sauna