Wang Yi, the foreign minister, answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. The ten words were too angry.

This morning, foreign minister Wang Yi answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on "China's foreign policy and foreign relations". The press conference Secretary Wang Yi verse frequent, first time for you to refine these ten words, pretty awesome!gay male massage videos
Foreign minister Wang Yi answered the reporter's question. Weng Qiyu, a journalist from the people's network, took a question from Wang Yi, the Minister of foreign affairs. Weng Qiyu, a journalist from the people's network
We have come out of a way of diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese style.
Although the end of the tunnel has revealed the dawn, the road ahead can not be smooth sailing.
On the Korean Peninsula, peace must be fought and opportunities need to be grasped. gay sauna
The deepening of cooperation between China and Russia does not stop. There is no better relationship between China and Russia.
China and the United States can have competition, do not have to be rivals, more need to be partners.
In the era of globalization, choice of trade war is to hold the wrong prescription, the result will only injure others and ruin oneself, the Chinese will make proper and necessary response.
"China's collapse theory" itself collapsed and became an international laughingstock.
Facts speak louder than words., the so-called "Chinese threat theory" can rest.
"Belt and Road Initiative" is put forward China sunshine initiative, not a single large, there is no black box operation, no winner.
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China's determination to maintain the peace and stability of the South China Sea is unshakable, and sincerity is consistent.