The United States found that Korean men were killed in Malaysia by chemical agents

Xinhua news agency, Washington, March, 6, State Department spokesman Norte 6 made a statement that the United States will carry out new sanctions on the spa
The statement said that the United States found that a Korean man was killed by a chemical agent at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. The United States has imposed new sanctions on the DPRK based on relevant domestic laws. The sanctions came into force in March 5th. The US side did not announce specific sanctions.
In February 13, 2017, a Korean man sought medical assistance at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia and died on the route of medical treatment. The CNA published an article in March 2017 to attack the United States and South Korea in trying to use Korean men to die in Malaysia to blacken the DPRK and subvert the Korean system.
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Jin Zhengnan was exposed to new details: an American man before the attack.
Last December, the Court confirmed that the Korean man's knapsack before death had an antidote to the VX poison. The Philippines star (The Philippine STAR) quoted the poison expert as saying, there are 12 ampoules of atropine and nerve anesthetic substances and poison antidote in the North Korean men carry a backpack, including VX nerve agent antidote, but the Korean men had failed to use.
Deutsche horn reported that in recent months, court hearings were concentrated on evidence collection. The court summoned nearly 30 witnesses, including police officers at all levels involved in the investigation, airport staff, National Chemical Weapons Center personnel, forensic experts and toxicology experts. With the trial of the trial, the prosecution and the defense have given evidence, many details are disclosed, the case is more sex massage