The Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision without advance notice of some cadres face questions speechless

(original title: Trinidad visit only really 100 confirmation but practical -- the Central Commission for discipline inspection authorities to correct the four winds supervision and inspection research experience)
Perseverance against the "four winds", the Central Committee of the discipline in action! gay escort
Thoroughly implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the two plenary session opened in from January 14th to 20th, then, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Party of government supervision, organize the relevant units to 10 provinces (regions) and the central part of the unit, on New Year's day and Spring Festival during the implementation of the provisions of the central eight and its implementing rules of spirit, to correct "four winds the work carried out supervision and inspection and investigation. This newspaper reporter participated in this event all the way, and personally felt the clear attitude and determination of the central discipline commission to correct the "four winds".
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Not greeting, not listening to the report, pragmatic "play", and try to find out the real situation and find out the problem
"Does the unit convey the important directive spirit of the general secretary of Xi Jinping on the correction of the" four wind "work in the near future?" "To ensure that the new year and Spring Festival period of fresh measures taken?"......
In January 15th, a temporary arrangement two interviews launched simultaneously in a directly under the authority of a prefecture level city in Liaoning Province: one side is the inspection team to the main person in charge of the unit to implement the central spirit, to correct "node specific measures four wind"; the other side is the inspection team members of the unit were randomly selected to understand the requirements of Party members and cadres, whether truly internalized in the heart, outside of the line.
Since there is no advance notice, the unit leaders and cadres are a bit nervous, some cadres face inspection group questions even did not know what to say. But the more it is, the more you can see the truth! After the interview, we obviously feel that this unit to convey the spirit of time, although the measures put in place, but this impression is not deep, some cadres do not thoroughly understand, individual cadres and even that "we are not necessary," the Hanlin Academy "Fengnianguojie on emphasizing the" four winds "problem", highlighting the "rectification four winds problem is still a long way to sex massage
Such a scene is often seen in the inspection survey. 10 team, full attack, the primary purpose is to stare at the party after the first nineteen big important nodes. This node can watch at real, at a result, the next 5 years is the beginning of the style of construction, is of great significance to "prologue" and "the wind".
How do you stare? In view of the new trend of "four wind", the central discipline Commission has constantly improved its "play". Not to say hello, not to listen to report, random selection, assault inspection, is the main way of supervision, inspection and research. The inspection teams in each place, randomly selected relevant bureaus, institutions, township (street), and the central enterprises and the central financial unit in place, through access to materials, check accounts, field visits, interviews to understand and find out whether there is the "four winds". Targeted units and windows should be selected before the action. Before the departure, it will be temporarily notified, and sometimes in the itinerary, we will also take a surprise attack to change the route, without giving any "preparation time" for the other party, so as to make sure that the situation is credible.
It is more accurate to find out the problem by listening to the masses directly to the masses. The steering committee of the journalists went deep into the municipal government hall, the township government center and the poor families, and listened carefully to their reflection on the "four winds" problem and governance recommendations, so that the masses could be supervised effectively.
The early morning of January 15th, inspection teams without greeting any departments, in accordance with the guidelines on the bus and go to the map, a prefecture level city in Liaoning province government affairs hall, through conversation, and the work of the masses by the masses identity to the window policy advisory and other methods, to investigate and understand the style of government window units.
"The attitude is good" "no difficulties encountered"... Most of the people interviewed were satisfied with the service of the window and affirmed the success of the work style construction in recent years. However, some of the "face - looking, difficult - to - do" problems are subject to some of the people's slots. gay male massage videos
"Some of the staff of the window to go to the meeting, is an open one morning, who can not find work, some Internet business can do it, but the site of old problems, finally had to queue the hall" and "some new comrade policy unfamiliar business, often have to consult the leadership, time delay"...... For such problems, the supervision group is carefully recorded, belongs to the "four wind" problem, and requires the relevant departments to further reform.