The level of tax levy will be raised to what level

(original title: what level will the tax levy be raised to? The market is expected to be 5000 yuan.
In this year's government work report, we propose that in 2018, we will raise the threshold of personal income tax, increase children's education, serious illness and other special expenses deduction, and reasonably reduce burdens, encourage people to increase their incomes through labor and become rich. So, what level of income tax levy will be raised?gay spa
Regarding this, Huang Shouhong, director of the drafting group of the government work report and director of the State Council Research Office, said that the statutory authority for determining the standard of individual tax threshold is at the National People's Congress. As for what level to raise, from the perspective of ordinary people, it is sure that the higher the better, but as an important part of the national tax system, the tax system should continue to be perfected and perfected. Therefore, finding a balance point is not the higher the better.
Jilin province Fiscal Science Research Institute Zhang Yiqun told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, the threshold Chinese along with economic development, people's income level and the improvement of living standards, can be considered appropriate to improve, but the tax reform is more complex, not simply raise the threshold can be solved.
According to the reporter, the tax reform has always been the focus of the society, always adhere to the "principle of tax reform by low expansion, high", namely, low-income persons less, or exemption from high earners pay more. The market is generally expected to increase to 5000 male massage
It is understood that in 1980, the tax threshold was 800 yuan, increased to 1600 yuan in 2006, increased to 2000 yuan in 2008, and increased to 3500 yuan in 2011. After the tax levy was raised 1500 yuan in 2011, the tax payer decreased from about 90000000 to about 30000000, and the tax level dropped from 28% to about 8%.
The Ministry of Finance released data that the individual income tax in 2017 was 11966 billion yuan, up 18.6% from the same year, accounting for 8.29% of the total tax revenue in the year. In 2011, the individual income tax revenue was 605 billion 400 million yuan, accounting for 6.75% of the total tax revenue in the year.
Zhang Yiqun pointed out that the tax reform is related to family income, maintenance coefficient, education and medical cost, pension burden and collection and management, which need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, from the initial point of view, we need to adjust the threshold. In the long run, we should regulate the issue of income distribution, that is, how to link the tax reform with the national income distribution policy reform, education and health care reform, fertility policy reform and housing security reform.
Zhang Yiqun said that from the long-term perspective of tax reform, we must increase the comprehensive Deduction Policy of family education, medical treatment and other aspects, and clarify the direction of male massage encouraging and supporting national policies.
On the tax, not wage earners pay much more, but high earners pay less, so should the linkage relationship between the lower marginal tax rates, tax and corporate income tax coordination between, by increasing the deductible, lower taxes and other ways to reduce the burden of middle income groups." Feng Qiaobin, a professor of economics at National School of Administration, told reporters in an interview with the Securities Daily that he could add a zero tax rate. The main idea is to put most people in the scope of personal tax collection and establish the "tax sense" necessary for a modern society.
Director Wang Changyong told reporters that the implementation of Changping economic research, reduce the payroll tax the highest marginal tax rate to 30%, and Jane and the tax sauna