Trump attended media dinner and became a "hand"

In March 3, 2018, local time in Washington, President Trump and Mrs. Mei Rania aboard Air Force one to return to the white house. Visual Chinese mapgay sex massage
Trump himself is in a good mood, even though the recent frequent changes in the White House have made the outside world worried about whether the Trump administration is in chaos. Local time on March 3rd, Trump attended the media club "gridiron in Washington" (Gridiron Club) spring dinner, a continuation of the club 130 years of tradition, opened Tucao mode in front of government officials and media reporters, hot news and negative reports about the White House from the black one.
According to the 4 day of the national public broadcasting (NPR), reporters who organized a dinner party were taking a mockery of the Trump administration. The three dish dinner dishes to be printed on the "false menu". This is the shadow of Trump's long criticism of the New York Times, the American cable news station (CNN) and other mainstream media for "false news".
Trump responded positively. In half an hour's speech, he called the media the "opposition party". He said he was delighted to accept the invitation to destroy the dinner of your media.
For his family and cronies, Trump also ruthless. He said he was late because Kushner, the big son-in-law, was "unable to pass security." This joked that Kushner's recent security permissions were demoted.
He also made a mockery of the media's doubts about his marriage: "I like to change people. Now the question everyone has to ask is, who is the next person leaving the White House? Is it Stephen Miller (senior White House adviser) or May Rania (first lady)? "gay escort
Then he turned to his wife May Rania, "dear, this (Duan Zi) is too bad. But you love me, don't you? " When Mei seems to say what Rania, he turned to the audience: "I won't tell you what she said."
Referring to the US finance minister Nouchine, Trump said, "the US Treasury Secretary has a glorious history of supporting art. Alexander Hamilton, the first finance minister, has made many contributions to us. Andrew Mellon is famous for setting up the The National Gallery. This is a great gift. Stephen Nouchine gave us a big movie, "the big Lego Batman movie". From Goldman Nuqin in former Treasury Secretary, has invested in a number of Hollywood blockbusters, but his last film company loss.
And Sessi, the Minister of justice who asked Trump to dissatisfied with the investigation of Tong gate, said, "do you know, it's so strange that I let him take a lift, but he avoided it himself."
It is worth noting that Trump also referred to the serious policy issues in ridicule, said "not exclude" direct talks with North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun said that the real risk needs to be taken into account to deal with the "madman" is not Kim Jeong-eun himself (alluding to himself as the "madman"), and Kim Jeong-eun "it is certainly a good man" (must be a fine man). However, it is not clear whether he is teasing or serious at the moment.
Trump is quite satisfied with his performance at the dinner, the 4 day on twitter posting said, he did a lot of things in Washington, but never like in the Gridiron dinner so club