It's closely related to you! China will do the 60 major events in 2018

This morning, the first meeting of the thirteen National People's Congress was opened in Beijing, and Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the work of the government. The report, which is nearly 2 thousand words, is full of dry goods. How do you start the key year? 13 million people enter the city, raise the income tax point of personal income, and promote the legislation of real estate tax. China will do 60 major events this year, closely related to you!gay spa
It is closely related to you! China will do 60 major events in 2018
It is closely related to you! China will do 60 major events in 2018
Tax reduction and reduction
1, improve the starting point of personal income tax, and increase the deductions of special expenses for children's education and medical treatment.
2, expand the scope of free internet access in public places, significantly reduce household broadband, enterprise broadband and private line usage fees, cancel the traffic roaming fee, and reduce the mobile network traffic cost by 30% at least.male massage
3, deepen the reform of the toll road system and reduce the cost of crossing the bridge.
4, the purchase tax preferential policy of new energy vehicle vehicles is extended for three years, and the policy of relocating used cars is completely abolished.
5, to create a regional tourism demonstration area, to reduce the price of ticket prices in key state-owned scenic spots.
6, the tax reduction for enterprises and individuals was about 800000000000 yuan for the whole year. For the whole year, the non tax burden should be reduced by about 300000000000 yuan for the main body of the market.
Education and employment
7, we should increase the supply of preschool education resources in many ways, and use the Internet and other information means to strengthen the supervision of the whole process of child care.
8, more than 11 million new employment in cities and towns.
9, this year, 13 million people went to the city to accelerate the citizenization of agricultural transfer.
10, to effectively reduce the dropout rate of rural students, to eliminate the "big shift" in cities and towns, and to solve the problem of primary and secondary school students' Extracurricular burden.
11, to carry out large-scale occupation skill training, the use of "Internet plus" to develop new forms of spa
12, to expand the employment of migrant workers and to deal with the problem of wage arrears in an all-round sauna
13, improve the wage and subsidy system of the institutions and institutions, and tilt to the hard areas and special posts.
14, support enterprises to improve the treatment of technical workers, and increase the incentive of high skilled personnel.
15, encourage overseas students to return to China to create a new venture, and to broaden the green channel for foreigners to come to China.
It is closely related to you! China will do 60 major events in 2018
social security
16, start a new three - year plan to change the shed, and start 5 million 800 thousand sets this year.
17, increase the protection of public rental housing, and ensure that low-income housing difficulties families should ensure that the new jobs, no housing workers and migrant workers who are eligible for employment should be included in the scope of protection.
18, support the residents to live in the housing demand, cultivate housing rental market, the development of property rights housing.
19, promote the legislation of real estate tax in a safe way.
20, to improve the level of basic medical insurance and insurance for major diseases, the per capita financial subsidy standard of basic medical insurance for residents was increased by 40 yuan, and half of the insurance was used for major diseases.
21, expand the scope of direct settlement of cross provincial medical treatment, and integrate all the grass-roots hospitals and migrant workers, foreign employment entrepreneurs and so on.
22, deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, coordinate and promote the reform of medical prices, personnel remuneration, drug circulation and medical insurance payment, improve the quality of medical and health services, and work hard to solve the problem of medical treatment for the masses.
23, develop home, community and mutual support, promote the combination of medical care and raise the service quality of the nursing home.
24. Deepen the reform of the old-age insurance system and establish the central adjustment system for the basic pension insurance fund for the employees of enterprises.