The speed of running over one thousand kilometers is faster than the plane.

China's high speed rail, 350 kilometers an hour a hour, has accelerated our life, and in the new era, the speed of the train may run faster than the plane. At present, Chinese scientists are testing the maglev train with a speed of over 400 kilometers. According to their prediction, the future high-speed rail speed will theoretically reach one thousand kilometers per sauna
The theory of vacuum tube + magnetic levitation over one thousand kilometers per hour
The first vacuum pipeline super high speed maglev train loop experimental platform in Chengdu is built at Southwest Jiao Tong University. The total length is 45 meters, the design load is 300 kilograms, the maximum load can reach 1 tons, and the train speed can increase to one thousand kilometers or more. To achieve this exceeding the speed of the aircraft, we must reduce the resistance. The vacuum tube is responsible for reducing the air resistance when the train goes forward. And the magnetic levitation solves the friction resistance between the train and the track.
Deng Zigang, the State Key Laboratory of traction power, Southwest Jiao Tong University: it can be suspended and suspended. This technology can not be realized without any technology.
Independent research and development of high performance permanent magnet materials by breaking the blockadegay escort
The key to the stability of the train depends on the high performance permanent magnet material, but the technology of these products is facing a long term blockade. The workshop in front of us is a test field for Chinese people to break the international blockade. It has been the production area of the most advanced magnet materials in China. However, the development and production of these materials is both complicated and dangerous.
Mao Shoudong, vice president of Hangzhou permanent magnet group Co., Ltd.: if magnetizing is not good enough, it will cause instability of its performance and sometimes it will not be able to control. This magnetic steel is easy to fly to the ceiling.
Solve the installation problem as a whole technology leading international
Getting high performance materials and installation is a problem. Because of the strong magnetic force repulsion between the permanent magnets, a small piece can generate more than 300 kilograms of thrust, and it will run away spa
Deng Zigang, the State Key Laboratory of traction power, Southwest Jiao Tong University: finally, we found a better way. We installed the last 84 (Kuai Yongci) track. We spent only one day in it.
Zhang Weihua, director of the State Key Laboratory of traction power, Southwest Jiao Tong University: next, we also do (1500 kilometers per hour), so I think we should go ahead in the world, whether high temperature superconducting maglev or vacuum pipeline.