Trump Liu He's visit to the United States to "run"? Knight Island: foreign media brain cavity is too big

Liu in Washington, released a statement like this one, naturally, the media began to fall into a reverie. For example, the British Reuters had reported that this information will be of significant adverse Chinese "; some domestic media also followed the booing, think China will launch a fierce trade war, even speculation is the main purpose of Liu's visit" stop the war".gay spa
Is the situation really so critical?
It is undeniable that over the past year, the comments on the "trade war" between China and the United States have maintained a high degree of heat.
This is not surprising, but also A thing has its cause. First of all, China and the United States itself are each other's largest trading partners, a trade cooperation, relative friction will be more and more; secondly, the Trump administration to protectionist attitude shows, had also repeatedly accused Sino US trade policy is unfair, even accused China is a "currency manipulator" does not recognize the China market the economic status, many of the Chinese exports (initiated the investigation on the island there had been many analysis)...... But is it possible to think that Trump raised the tariff of steel and aluminum industry against China or even to China?
I'm afraid it was too soon.
First of all, according to the report, the policy is still on the verge of "oral", which is far from the real implementation. Even Trump himself admitted that it is currently in the "writing stage".male massage
Second, Trump's focus is on steel and aluminum. According to BBC's report, the United States needs to import steel from 110 countries (regions), of which China's exports account for only 2%, ranking eleventh, far behind Canada, Japan, Korea and other U.S. allies. Moodie, one of the world's top three rating agencies, said, "it's not only for China. South Korea is the most important affected country in Asia, and its iron and steel export ratio and export dependence are the highest in Asia.
Moodie also pointed out that in the first nine months of last year, China's exports of direct steel to the United States accounted for only 1% of total exports or 0.1% of the total amount of steel. In addition, due to the growth of domestic demand and the effect of capacity removal, the dependence of Chinese iron and steel enterprises on exports fell sharply in escort