Beijing SASAC director easy to supervise assets over 4 trillion last year

Yesterday, the head of the Beijing municipal Party Committee Organization Department announced that Zhang Guilin was the party secretary and director of the SASAC of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPC. It was relieved from the post of secretary, standing committee member and member of the Mentougou District Committee of male massage videos
Chang'an Avenue knowledge (Capitalnews) previously introduced that the former "head of the capital" of the SASAC was Lin Fusheng. In March 2013, a study from Lin Beikong group was transferred to the municipal SASAC director, after 5 years, he led the municipal SASAC system work achieved excellent results. In January of this year, he was just elected vice chairman of the Beijing Municipal Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
Last year, the SASAC disclosed that the total assets of municipal enterprises increased by 80.3% in the past 5 years, breaking through four trillion yuan, and the total revenue, total profit and tax paid increased by 46.3%, 78.8% and 77.8% respectively. Especially in 2016, under the condition of the decline of the state owned enterprises, the municipal enterprises first realized a comprehensive profit. The main economic indicators maintained a two digit growth rate, the growth rate was significantly higher than the national average level of state-owned enterprises, ranking the first in four municipalities.male massage
In many people's impression of stereotype, SOE means "old and clumsy". As everyone knows, in innovation and entrepreneurship boom in Beijing municipal enterprises has become the leading "goers". BAIC independent brand pure electric car sales of the first, BOE in large size display products, high-end market share five of the world's first car rental car rental industry, but among the top internet......
From the industry perspective, the state-owned enterprises in Beijing team on the basis of infrastructure and public services, to the modern manufacturing industry and modern service industry as the pillar, with the characteristics of the capital city industry based on the rudiment of strategic emerging industries, which also makes the layout of state-owned economy structure in Beijing steadily to sophisticated". Among them, the two enterprises of BAIC group and Shougang company entered the top 500 of the world, 17 enterprises entered China's top 500, and the assets of over 100 billion yuan of assets reached 12.
At present, it is also the key period of the reform of the state-owned enterprises in Beijing, with frequent movements. Within a year, Shougang Corporation restructuring by an enterprise owned by the whole people as a wholly state-owned company; capital Agricultural Group Limited, Beijing food Refco Group Ltd and Beijing's Refco Group Ltd to implement the joint reorganization; Beijing tourism capital of the Refco Group Ltd and the Beijing Wangfujing Dongan Refco Group Ltd to implement the merger and reorganization.
Lin Fusheng once pointed out that the whole system of the Municipal State and Capital Commission should focus on the promotion and promotion to better serve the construction and development of the capital. SASAC to clear the municipal state-owned enterprises to complete a good collaborative development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, The Belt and Road construction sauna
A study in January of this year, Lin was elected vice chairman of the CPPCC, his successor Zhang Guilin from Mentougou to take over as party secretary.
Chang'an Avenue governor (Capitalnews) noticed that, before he was transferred to Mentougou in 2014, Zhang Guilin worked in Beijing state owned enterprises for a long time, and he knew a lot about the reform and development of state-owned spa