Men borrow money to kill women

The entanglement of money and emotion makes some people lose their senses. In mid December 2017, because the victim suspects Xiamou to borrow $3000 rejected, resulting in disputes and conflicts, Xiamou will kill the victim after trying hide the corpse, and posing as dead in a WeChat chat, unexpectedly, the little sisters found clues, finally massage
It is understood that the suspects Xiamou 27 years old, Anhui Shanghai, his long drive delivery to make a living in Shanghai, after Xiamou divorced, and 22 years older than his female victims take the knowledge, the two sides have been in a state of intermittent cohabitation. One day in December last year, the victim Xiamou to borro w 3000 yuan, after being rejected, happened to quarrel with each other, and the victim strangled.
Prosecutors introduced: Xiamou because of gambling gambling money, what he should participate in a result, the debt owed. In the second half of 2017, a woman learned from a woman in a foot bath, and two people had a close relationship. In the afternoon of December 5th, he opened a van and went to the other side for a temporary stay. He asked the woman to borrow money and borrow 3000 dollars. The other party began to agree, but later, he said he did not agree to lend money to Xia. The two sides quarrel and physical conflict, Xiamou angry, he grabbed the neck of the other party, the victim shouted for help, Xiamou worried things, under the ruthless hand will strangle each other.male massage
After the attack the Xiamou mind an empty, began to consider how to deal with, then he went around and finally decided to dump the body in a roadside manhole.
Xia said that he has a spiritual dependence on the victim, often talking about some difficult problems and difficulties in life, and the other side also enlightens him from time to time.
Xiamou said: after the attack in the The mind is very confused., but did not dare to run away, he pretended to work second days to maintain the status quo, to continue to work on the way of delivery, aimlessly looking for postmortem club
Xiamou was arrested after the relief, he confessed that he come to this step, in fact, and his compulsive gambling bar
After 2015, Xiamou addicted to gambling, lost about 400000, muddle along without any aim of life. Because of his lack of money, he thought of borrowing money from the victim. After he had diabetes, he felt that he was unfair to him. He felt that life was meaningless and began to abandon himself.
"There is also the antecedents and consequences I married, well, what is not dry, even gambling, good communication, will not divorce, if not divorce, do not know her not messing around; not messing around, don't know where she is later this thing?" Xiamou now but it was too late to regret a previous mistake.
While after the attack, the little sisters heart doubts, constantly asked about the situation in WeChat, Xiamou with the mobile phone to return message, and using a mobile phone in the old photographs of the stall, cause the other sauna
The deceased's nephew flew from Liaoning to Shanghai after hearing the news. The police immediately reported to the police. The police immediately launched an investigation and soon caught Xia. Xia said that he did not even kill a chicken, but in the face of the other party shouting, in the fear of the ruthless hand.
The procuratorial organ introduced: Xia's behavior violated the 232nd article of the criminal law of our country. He was suspected of intentional homicide. He was depriving others of his life by means of violence. Therefore, it is suspected of intentional homicide, which should be sentenced to death penalty, life imprisonment or imprisonment for more than ten spa