Trump nominated the Nobel Peace Prize?

Overseas network March 1 (Xinhua) recently, the Norway Nobel Association said, received a suspected nomination of the United States President Trump's false letter, has been reported to the sauna
According to the daily mail, the 28 Norwegian Nobel Institute (Norwegian Nobel Institute) said he received a false letter that was suspected of nomination of Trump. Regarding this, Olaf Newlstadt, President of Nobel Association (Olav Njolstad), said in an interview with Agence France-Presse, "we have every reason to believe that the Trump nominated document received is counterfeit". But he did not disclose the details and said the police would give further information. The submission of the nomination letter or the alleged identity escort
The Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Letter will be sent to the Nobel Institute in January 31st of each year, and the list of nominees are proposed by the National Congress, government officials, former Nobel Peace Prize winner and a university professor. It is understood that the complete list of nominations has been kept secret for at least 50 years, but the nominees are allowed to disclose their choices. Norway Oslo Peace Research Institute (PRIO) in early February this year had said, the Nobel Peace Prize nomination list has the name of male massage videos
It is reported that Trump was nominated by Americans who didn't want to be named last year (2017). The reason is Trump's idea of "strength for peace".
The Nobel prize Association says it has received 329 effective nominations for the 2018 Nobel peace prize. The association will choose the last 5 candidates, and then choose the final winners. The final winners will be announced in early October sauna