There is an exercise opportunity for the outside party sub hall under the age of 45

Recently, the national non party personages practice and training base in Sichuan, ushered in the 4 batch of fourth non Party cadres testing exercise. They are the vice chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee, vice president of Xi'an International Studies University Jiang Yajun; the member of Fujian Province, the Institute deputy director Cao Wanhong, chairman of the association of Hunan province; Zhangjiajie municipal Party committee, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhou Fang; independents, deputy director of the National Arts Fund Management Center Wang spa
With professional expertise, experience advantage, training needs, Jiang Yajun will hang as deputy director of the Education Department of Sichuan Province, Cao Wanhong hang Sichuan Province Investment Promotion Bureau deputy director Zhou Fang hung, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Department of justice Wang Yong hung was appointed deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Department of culture, sending time for a year.
Buddies are not strange, but for the testing and training of cadres, for people outside the party testing exercise, especially devoted to the establishment of national training base, it is worth attention.male massage
Chang'an Avenue governor noted that a few days ago, the same as one of the bases in Shanghai also ushered in the seventh batch of the Party cadres testing exercise. 4 non party leaders from Gansu, Qinghai, Chongqing and Henan will exercise in Shanghai for one year.
In addition to the national base, the country have already established testing and training base, to provide a platform for people outside the party exercise. Known as Shi Yigong, Zhang Yiwu and others have experienced exercise attachment.
In December 2014, Shi Yigong, Zhang Yiwu and other 8 areas of high level non party representatives, to Beijing municipal government departments and the municipal state-owned enterprises attachment, deputy director level leadership positions, testing and training for a period of one year.
At that time, Mr. Shi hung up as deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Health Planning Commission, and Zhang Yiwu hung up as deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture. Beijing Municipal United Front Work Department said, testing and training to people outside the party further accumulation of leadership experience in administrative management and organization, enhance the ability to solve practical problems.
Non party representatives usually come from all walks of life. Their growth path is mostly achieved after their remarkable achievements in the industry and major.
Therefore, some non party personages lack one step from the grassroots experience of growing up, the lack of the complicated situation and deal with the daunting task of experience, and these qualities alone receive training in the classroom is not trained. gay spa
In order to help them fill in this class, the central United Front Department jointly established the practice base of the national non party representatives in 2011 with the relevant provincial Party committees, which has become a major platform for the latter to practice. The first base includes three places, namely, Shanghai, Guizhou and Gansu, and later added three places to Beijing, Chongqing and Sichuan. This year, Guangxi has been newly added, and up to now there are 7.