Duthel Te: "Bingham uplift" is our people to plunder resources will fire

[compilation / observer network zhouyuanfang] from March last year, and in the media hype "Bingham uplift", recently and warm up. At the end of last weekend, ten protesters protested in front of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, and Duthel Te and his government had to speak frequently.gay escort
The Associated Press reported on February 11th, the president of Philippines Duthel Te 9 evening at a press conference said publicly that "I want to show to the world," the Philippines uplift ", also known as" Bingham uplift ', is our...... The exclusive economic zone is our "." He also said that Philippines did not intend to fight with any country because of territorial disputes. But if a country plundered resources in the exclusive economic zone of Philippines, he would order the navy to open fire.
Duthel Te: we have Bingham uplift is the plundering of resources would fire American Broadcasting Company (ABC) reprint The Associated Press reported screenshot
However, the The Associated Press in the report wrote, "Duthel Te stressed on Philippines' Bingham uplift" sovereignty "(He also stressed the Philippines sovereign rights over Benham Rise")".
The Ministry of foreign affairs of China has made many statements about the problem of Bingham rising. Philippines does not own sovereignty over the area. "Binghan uplift" belongs to Philippines's 200 mile outer continental shelf. China respects Philippines's right to "Benhan uplift" according to law.
A spokesman for the office of the president of Philippines Rock January 23rd just said, China agreed that the Philippines has only to "Bingham uplift" "right" instead of "sovereignty". He said at the time, "(Chinese version) is right, we do not have sovereignty over the" Bingham uplift ', what we have is right. Rights and sovereignty are different. Have this right means that Philippines has the exploration and utilization of the exclusive rights to natural resources found in "Bingham uplift" and non living resources." gay sex massage
Duthel Te also said on the 9 th, "if you can claim the sovereignty over the whole ocean, do not compete with me for a exclusive economic zone here." The Associated Press believes that Duthel Te's remarks obviously refer to apparently referring to China. gay sauna
In February 6th, Duthel Te has been ordered to stop all foreign ships in scientific research activities, Bingham uplift "the Philippines government has renamed" Philippines uplift ", and the requirements of naval and air patrols in the waters. Some people believe that, in addition to a rich fishing ground, this area may contain abundant oil and gas resources.
This report of the The Associated Press is reproduced by many mainstream American media, such as Washington Post, American Broadcasting Company and so on. gay male massage videos