Lin Zhengyuee: the deceased family of the bus rollover will receive 300 thousand Hong Kong dollars assistance

China and the new network, February 11 (Xinhua) comprehensive Hongkong media reports, the Hongkong SAR Government Chief Executive Lin Zhengyuee on the afternoon of 11 Hong Kong government officials meeting with media reporters. She said that as of 1:30 pm, the Tai Po highway bus rollover accident resulted in 19 deaths and more than 60 injuries. The family of the deceased will receive 300 thousand (HK $, the same below) financial aid, and the wounded will receive 150 thousand to 250 thousand yuan. gay spa
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A double decker bus crashed on a highway in Hongkong new territories on 10 days. Mai Shangmin Xie Guanglei, a journalist from China China News Agency
Sing Tao Daily reported, Lin Zhengyuee said, was a serious accident at Tai Po Road, the morning inter departmental meeting held 8 aspects: follow up. At 1:30 p.m., she said, 19 people were killed and more than 60 were injured. Of the injured, 9 were in critical condition, 11 were serious, 21 were stable, and 25 had been discharged.
Lin Zhengyuee joined the media in the afternoon with the director of the food and Health Bureau of the Special Administrative Region, Chen Zhaoshi and the director of social welfare Ye Wenjuan, on the traffic accident on the Tai Po highway and at the government headquarters. gay sauna
Lin Zhengyuee expressed his deep condolences to the families of the victims of the deceased, hoping that the wounded will recover soon. She said, Pok Oi Hospital, Charity Hospital, Ren Ji Tang, Donghua three groups and Leshan hall donated a total of 11 million yuan, to each of the deceased family paid 100 thousand yuan, injured 50 thousand yuan. The horse will aid funds allocated 10 million yuan, to the dead, the injured and critically injured seriously injured stable payment of 200 thousand yuan, paid 100 thousand yuan.
As the agency has arranged for full-time social workers to reach 79 affected families, the related contributions will be distributed through the government to the affected families. That is, the families of the dead got 300 thousand yuan, and the injured were 150 thousand to 250 thousand yuan.male massage
According to Ming Pao Daily News Network reported that Lin Zhengyuee also said that the Department will send someone the uniform payment amount, "hope is not affected by family economic aid for trouble".
Lin Zhengyuee also said that the funeral service for Donghua hospitals support, if there is hope for the families of the deceased cremated before the lunar new year, fehd will cooperate with the government will assist the temporary storage of ashes. gay club