Hualian earthquake Beijing visitors lost Beijing City Office: help relatives to Hualian earthquake in Beijing to lose union Beijing City Office: help relatives to Taiwan

In February 9th, a 6.5 earthquake occurred on the evening of 6 in Hualian County of Taiwan. According to the statistics of the disaster data of "Central Disaster Response Center" at 6 p.m. February 8th, 10 people were killed, 272 injured and 7 lost. It was confirmed that 5 of them were tourists from Beijing. Cai Qi, the Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the mayor of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, attached great importance to them. They asked the relevant departments to get in touch with their relatives at the first time and provide assistance for relatives to go to Taiwan to properly handle related matters.  gay escort
Beijing Taiwan office has contacted the relatives of the lost people through multiple channels. On the evening of February 8th, the head of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing was commissioned by the municipal government to visit the condolences of the relatives of the missing persons, introduce the latest news of the Hualian earthquake, and understand the difficulties that relatives need to solve at present. gay male massage
The head of Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing said that the Taiwan Affairs Office would inform the relatives about the latest progress of search and rescue in the earthquake, assist with the formalities of entry into the Taiwan area as soon as possible, and send relevant staff members to accompany their relatives to Taiwan, so as to provide help for them to handle related matters in the local area.
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The "Central Disaster strain center" 8 afternoon 6 hours of disaster statistics, casualties, a total of 10 dead, 272 people were injured, the number of lost 7 people.
At present, the 7 people who have lost the union are all the guests in the beautiful hotel, a pair of Canadian couples, and a 5, and a total of 4 and 1 small passengers.
The search and rescue of the worst damaged Yun Cui building is under way. The building is seriously inclined because of the strong earthquake. Now the rescue engineering unit supports the inclined plane with 9 steel beams so as to facilitate the rescue workers to enter the house for search and rescue.
Taipei civil engineers union chairman Hong Qide said: "due to its semi tilt, so the search and rescue personnel may be very dangerous, buildings will sink, resulting in the rescue difficult situation, even search and rescue personnel will have dangerous life, a protective measure to do at present, so as not to let the building inclined down."
According to the statistics of the Taiwan fire department, the earthquake caused the collapse of four buildings, damaged 40 roads in varying degrees, 35 thousand closed water and 200 power outages. Because of the constant aftershock on the spot, it has brought some difficulties to the rescue work. The site search and rescue personnel can only continue to search in limited space to find possible survivors. When the aftershocks occur, we must stop and evacuate, and then seize the time of gold rescue to continue the rescue. gay club
The National Tourism Administration issued 7 travel to Taiwan tourism to remind visitors to pay close attention to Taiwan earthquake risk, recently temporarily do not go to Taiwan Hualian and adjacent areas of tourism; travel tips or stop tour tour to the risk area, requirements of travel agency has been in the area for visitors to adjust the stroke and the evacuation, take corresponding proper preventive measures, the safety of tourists, in case of danger in time for help.