2 people trapped in the earthquake site of the fire department

Overseas network on 9 February, by the Tokyo fire department, coast guard and police department consisting of a Japanese rescue team this morning with a life detection instrument into the disaster area of Hualian and the "Cloud Gate Chui Embankment Building, fire department personnel groups tokusou cooperation, advance the search. It is understood that the field detection instruments have suspected the pulsation of human beings, and the distance detector is about 1.5 meters, and the search and rescue is in full swing. gay spa 
According to Yonhap news network reported that the 2 floor is a green embankment Cloud Gate Hotel, has 201, 213 news that the hotel has two rooms were people trapped, mainland tourists and Canada passengers.
The fire department pointed out that the Japanese rescue team teach quick search personnel when using the instrument, the detector can detect heartbeat detection range of up to 4 meters. male massage 
At 2:33 in the morning, rescuers hit 213 of the ceiling, the detector to measure, the fire department and the Japanese fan detection instrument as tokusou human response, news search and rescue team morale. gay sauna