Deputy director of the State Post Bureau was severely warned: accept the banquet received moving watch

Recently, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection publicly exposed eight typical problems that violated the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government. These eight typical problems are:
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Liu Jun and other party members and deputy director of the State Post Bureau accepted the banquet by the management service enterprises and accepted the gifts. From July 17 to July 24, 2016, with the approval of the party group of the State Post Bureau, Liu Jun, as the deputy director responsible for the supervision of the postal market, led a delegation of 4 people to Canada and the United States. On the evening of July 19,gay sauna  4 people, including Liu Jun, accepted a banquet arrangement arranged by a courier company in Boston in the United States. The average per capita meal charge was 1,413.29 yuan. On the evening of July 20, four people, including Liu Jun, respectively received the domestic freight Limited sent a sports watch, the purchase price equivalent to RMB 1057.29 yuan. Liu Jun was severely punished by the party, disciplinary proceeds were confiscated, I made a profound inspection reflect. The handling of other personnel is proceeding according to procedures.

Peng Ke, former deputy director of the Census and Statistics Department of the Ministry of Public Security, accepted issues that may affect the fair execution of official business travel arrangements and unauthorized access to private clubs. During the Spring Festival in 2016, Peng Branch accepted an information technology company in Shanghai to arrange arrangements for his relatives to travel to Sanya, Hainan Province, for a fee of 12,000 yuan to be paid by the enterprise. In April 2017, Peng Ke accepted the invitation of a private enterprise manager Zhang to bring his family members to a private clubhouse in Beijing for meals, spending 1200 yuan from Zhang to pay. Peng because there are other disciplinary problems, Peng Branch was investigated by the party for two years, administrative dismissal, disciplinary proceeds were confiscated.

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Fujian Provincial Government Investment Project Evaluation Center of the former party members, chief economist Zheng Ling borrowed research on the issue of public funds travel. From August 10 to August 16, 2016, Zheng Ling took the opportunity of research in Xinjiang to lead the relevant personnel of the Fujian Provincial Government Investment Project Evaluation Center to travel to scenic spots and reimbursement expenses of 37,131 yuan with public funds. In addition, Zheng Ling in violation of the provisions of travel subsidies 1,000 yuan. Zheng Ling was severely warned by the party and was dismissed, the proceeds of discipline were seized.

Zhang Qibin, deputy director of Qijiang District Agriculture Commission of Chongqing Municipality, non-compliance workday lunch drinkers, deputy secretary of Zhuantao Town, and other people Gao Gaoqiang illegal official reception. On the morning of January 4, 2017, Zhang Zhibin and Zhang Zhengyou, head of the Nongjing Jing Station in Qijiang District, carried out their work in Zhuantang Town. At noon, the town vice mayor Li Chun and others accompanied meals and drinking, in violation of the relevant provisions of Chongqing. That night, Wu Gaoqiang and others hosted Zhang Zaibin and his party and arranged food service personnel beyond the standard. Zhang Zhibin was severely wrecked by the party. Wu Gaoqiang, Li Chun and Zhang Zhengyou were respectively subject to warnings by the party and other personnel were dealt with accordingly. The meal expenses were borne by the participating diners.