Foreign Ministry responded Benz apology: Zhicuojiugai is how to get the basic reason

A reporter asked: on Monday, Benz Corp quoted Darai Lama's sentence in English on instegram. Yesterday Mercedes Benz apologized and deleted. Is this what the Chinese government has asked for? gay sauna
Answer: I have seen relevant reports, both in China or in a foreign country, Zhicuojiugai is the person most basic truth. Here, I want to emphasize another point. In the past 40 years of China's reform and opening up, China has carried out all-round cooperation with foreign enterprises. This cooperation not only promotes China's development, but also benefits foreign enterprises. Nineteen after the construction of Chinese has entered a new era, a new era of Chinese will be more confident, more open, we will continue to cooperate with foreign enterprises, foreign enterprises are welcome to share Chinese development opportunities, of course, in this process, we also hope that foreign companies can do basic follow.  gay male massage
People comment: Benz, you do China and is an enemy of the people!
According to reports, in the late February 5th of Beijing time, Mercedes Benz launched a promotional photo of Mercedes Benz C class Coupe car running on its official social media account. The picture is marked with a so-called "Darai's famous saying". Even, Mercedes Benz has put up such a copywriting for the publicity: a new week, starting with the new views of the Darai Lama. This is a good Buhuai poster, not only offensive, is to challenge people's China. gay escort