Reminding the Ministry of foreign affairs! The country should never go again for the Spring Festival

Maldives president Benjamin Monday (day 5) issued by the national state of emergency for a period of 15 days, followed by his half brother, former president Gayoom was arrested shortly. In view of the situation in Maldives, today (February 6th), the Ministry of foreign affairs reminding again: not to go to Maldives in the near future, if there is a proposal to cancel the trip. gay sauna 
At a regular press conference in the Ministry of foreign affairs in February 6th, a reporter asked: yesterday, the president of Maldives announced the country's 15 day state of emergency. Many Chinese people plan to travel to Maldives for the Spring Festival holiday. How does China guarantee the safety of tourists in horses?
Geng: I had responded to a similar problem at the press conference yesterday afternoon. After the press conference, according to the latest development of Maldives's security situation, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Embassy of China in Maldives adjusted the level of safety alert, and invited Chinese citizens to pay close attention to the local situation and not to Maldives in the near future. If there is a trip to the horse in the near future, it is suggested to cancel it.  gay escort
The Chinese government has always attached great importance to the safety of all overseas Chinese citizens, including outbound tourists. The Spring Festival holiday is the peak of Chinese citizens' outbound travel. It is suggested that Chinese tourists pay high attention to safety issues when they plan to travel abroad. At the same time, we also urge the countries concerned to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and legitimate rights and interests of the local Chinese tourists. We hope that the situation in Maldives will return to normal as soon as possible. gay sauna 
This is followed by the 5 China Embassy in Maldives, which issued a reminder from February 28th to February 28th, another 5 safety warning issued by the Ministry of foreign affairs and a safety reminder after the Chinese Embassy issued a security alert.