The United States provided freedom of navigation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the South China Sea in smooth water are baseless slanders

(original title: Foreign Ministry responds to mention the freedom of navigation: the South China Sea when someone walks in smooth water, baseless slanders)gay spa
[Global Times] - global network reported to the Acting Assistant Secretary of state Kedano said before the warship will continue to carry out the "freedom of navigation" operations in the South China Sea, and will be in the upcoming Singapore air show to promote the Asian countries to buy us made weapons that foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang February 6th responded: "South China Sea is obviously in smooth water. Are baseless slanders!"
The Ministry of foreign affairs in the afternoon held a regular press conference, Geng Shuang in response to a question related to the "Global Times" reporter said, China has always respected the basis in international law in the South China Sea countries enjoy freedom of navigation and overflight, but firmly opposed to the country under the flag of freedom of flight navigation, threat and damage, including Chinese coastal states the sovereignty and security interests. Geng Shuang pointed out that the current South China Sea Navigation and freedom of flight do not have any problems. The situation in the South China Sea has been stabilizing. "When someone walks in smooth water of South China Sea, the United States concerned will be baseless slanders, the so-called freedom of navigation operations and sell their own weapons linked to its real purpose completely bared there and then." gay male massage 
According to US media reports, Kedano, Deputy Assistant Secretary of state of the US State Council, called on 5 in Singapore to call for Southeast Asian countries to buy US weapons including F-35 fighters and take a more tough stance on the South China Sea issue. In a conference call that day, Kaida Snow said, "we resolutely defend international standards including freedom of navigation, important, and we encourage countries to take the same measures to implement these rules with the collective capacity of Southeast Asian countries." gay club