Shanghai enterprise retirees on the street parade? Police: video system old video editing

(original title: "the rumor | Shanghai enterprise retirees parade video system seven years ago made video mosaic)
@ police train - Shanghai micro-blog official February 3rd news, recently, there are two so-called "enterprise retirees in Shanghai to protest the video on the spread of the Internet, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, immediately in conjunction with the public security organs in Liaoning Province found that: the video is February 11, 2011 in the Persian Gulf island of Bahrain marched fragments of the capital city of Manama, was rumor text overseas splicing concocted the so-called" Shanghai retirees protest "after the release of overseas social networking sites. Liu Mou (male, 63 years old, Inner Mongolia people) and Wang (male, gay escort 57 years old, Liaoning) without verifying the authenticity of the contents of case will spread in the WeChat video publishing group, confuse the public. At present, Liu and Wang, who have transmitted false information, have been punished by the local public security organs according to law. gay sauna
Shanghai enterprise retirees on the street parade? Police: video system old video collage
The network is not outside the law, fabricating and spreading rumors to confuse the public, creating panic behavior, Shanghai City Public Security Bureau will resolutely follow up against the law will not be tolerated. Police remind the majority of Internet users to comply with laws and regulations, do not spread rumors, do not pass rumors, do not believe rumors. If the online dissemination of false information, should be promptly reported to the public security organs, actively safeguard social integrity, build a harmonious and network environment. gay male massage