Taiwan is the last "bond" in Europe to reach this agreement with China

Agence France-Presse 2 reported that the Vatican and China were close to reaching a "historic" agreement on the appointment of the bishop. The Vatican will recognize 7 Chinese bishops appointed by the Chinese government.
Reuters also made similar revelations 1 days ago. The Vatican and the Chinese government have reached a framework agreement on the appointment of bishops. The agreement will be signed in a few months or bring a historic breakthrough to the relationship between China and Sanskrit. gay spa
Reuters said that the Vatican sources said that in the formal agreement, the Vatican would have the right to speak in the future appointment of bishops, but refused to give details. In addition, there is a "gentry agreement" involving the 7 bishops of the Chinese government, which stipulates the identity or "legalization" of the 7 bishops. To acknowledge the issue of Chinese bishops, the Wall Street Journal quoted 1 people on the news of the day, saying that the Pope Francis had decided to recognize the legality of the 7 bishops appointed by the Chinese government. The 7 bishops have not been approved by the Pope, and the Vatican has not recognized their identity for many years. The report said the Rome Vatican had made concessions in hope of the Chinese government's recognition of its authority over the Chinese Catholic Church.
Taiwan in the last European allies and Chinese will reach the agreement "in June 2016, in St. Peter's Square, there are people in Francis Shenpan waving flag Chinese (source:" New York Times "website)
In addition, the Reuters said the Vatican sources of the Diocese of Hongkong before the day before bishop Joseph Zen denounced Vatican "selling" the China church disagreed, and denied media reports that Pope Francis has been squeezed out of negotiations and Chinese reports. The source said that the Pope has been closely watching the news about China, and supported two Chinese bishops loyal to the Vatican to be transferred to different posts to promote a comprehensive agreement with the Chinese government's bishops. With the Pope's support, the Vatican sent a delegation to China last December to take over two bishops approved by the Vatican.  gay male massage videos
Reuters believes that even if the Vatican and the Chinese government reach a partial agreement on the power of appointing bishops, they will also open the door for the two sides to resume diplomatic relations.
It is worth mentioning that the Vatican is the only European "friendly state" in Taiwan. Taiwan is watching the development of this situation, and will send 5 members of the Legislative Council to visit the Vatican in February 3rd, hoping to see the Pope, but it is not yet clear whether we can see the Pope. gay club
Taiwan in the last European allies will reach the agreement and Chinese / data figure: Taiwan vice president Chen Jianren in October 2016 to visit the Vatican (Taiwan media figure)