Hangzhou babysitter arson lawyer: hope to sentence Mo Huanjing to execute the death penalty immediately

At 9 hours of the day, the central court of Hangzhou continued to open a public hearing on the defendant Mo Huanjing's fire and theft. The procuratorate accused, court investigation, evidence cross examination, the court debate, the final statement by the accused, the presiding judge at 20:50 adjourned. Two times to remove a short recess, the trial lasted for 10 hours and 35 minutes. gay escort
"It's too late. It's too tired." At the gate of the court, Lin Shengbin refused to make an interview with the surging news.
Hangzhou babysitter arson lawyer: will sue the responsible party for compensation
Court trial.
Subsequently, Lin Shengbin agent, Beijing Deheng lawyer Lin Jie interviewed. "I think the trial process is more open and fair, which allows the prosecution and defense parties to fully express their opinions. In court, the public security field investigators, third party expert witnesses and other court members are invited to consult and provide professional support. He said.gay club
In the early morning of June 22, 2017, there was a fire in 1802 rooms of 1 units and 2 units in blue Qianjiang apartment in Hangzhou. The hostess Zhu Xiaozhen and her three children were killed. The nurse Mo Huanjing escaped. The hostess Lin Shengbin was not at home. On the same day, the police investigated the fire as a fire case, and Mo Huanjing was suspected of a major crime.
Lin Jie told the surging news, the 1 day of the trial, the public prosecutor, the defender does not exist any objection to arson, theft of two charges, the defender is mainly to sentencing mitigated, he put forward the "give up on Mo Huanjing's lawsuit, hope, sentenced to death immediately".
In the afternoon of the trial, when one of her vital signs of recovery was on the way to hospital after the rescue, Lin Shengbin suddenly roar, and a legal representative to throw in Mo Huanjing cup, the bailiff picked up again after the pound Mo Huanjing, hit a bailiff's face, and not to stop and be the presiding judge orders out of the courtroom bailiff. male massage 
"When I heard something in the proof, my client did not control it well. After leaving the court, he watched the trial live with his family in the court, and his mood slowly recovered. Lin Jie said.
Last December 25th, Lin Shengbin made an open application to the Hangzhou Public Security Fire Bureau on the case. The city public security fire bureau responded to the official micro-blog on the following day: according to the government information disclosure regulations, it will reply within the legal period. In January 16th this year, Lin Shengbin micro Bo said, the municipal public security fire department 15 days to reply, will be extended to 15 working days to reply.
"According to the regulations, the fire department will reply at the latest in February 6th. We apply for public information, and some of the files have been involved, but we want to get more detailed information that is not reflected in the files. " Lin Jie said: "if the two sides do not submit new evidence, the next is to wait for the decision. Although we give up the supplementary civil action against Mo Huanjing, we will definitely make civil claim for the responsible party. We have already discussed the time of prosecution. gay sex massage