Six ministries and commissions renovate hype star gossip: "Zhuo Wei fans back" was closed

For a period of time, part of the platform of institutions and individuals to hype the celebrity gossip entertainment gossip, privacy and vulgarity, recently, SARFT jointly with the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of culture, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Press and publication of the state Internet Information Office, to conduct a comprehensive gay sauna  investigation to clean and comprehensive remediation of the main types of behavior keen speculation, suspected illegal.
Now, the related network platform for "Zhuo Wei fans club" and "All Star" entertainment news agency "demon Ji" in the celebrity gossip hype privacy account permanently closed. The six ministries and commissions further strengthen the strict supervision of network platforms such as Sina micro-blog, Tencent, Baidu, Youku, second beat and other network platforms according to their functions and sub fields. We will check the business activities of Beijing gale, sharp angle Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Zhuo Wei vision (Shanghai), film studio and other related businesses, and punish the illegal behaviors discovered according to law. gay spa 
People in charge of the Information Office of the State Administration pointed out that vulgar hype and rash of celebrity scandal seriously disrupted the order of Internet communication, and sent a wrong direction, which infringed the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, especially adolescents' physical and mental health, and aroused strong social aversion. Through the joint regulation of combat vulgar speculation, will be further formed according to strict regulation of deterrence, supervision and restraint related platform, organizations and individuals to fulfill their social responsibilities, adhere to the law compliance management, maintenance of Internet communication order, create The sky is clear and bright. network space. gay male massage videos