The state announced that there are 9 other drugs that can't buy many listed company products in the list.

The Chinese Research Institute of food and drug inspection 9 drug inspection institutions, marked as Shenzhen pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd and other 9 enterprises produced 9 batches of substandard medicines. The following information is given as follows: gay escort 
A substandard product labeling production enterprise and drug name and batch production: Shenzhen pharmaceutical production of Limited by Share Ltd for 1123161204 batch of Somatostatin for Injection, Anwei tablet Changchun people Pharmaceutical Group Limited production of 20160701 batches, Harbin ocean pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd production batch number 151202 Gansukang capsules, Changchun yinnuo Pharmaceutical Co. the company production for 20160902 batch of Jiangzhining granules, Beijing Tongrentang technology development Limited by Share Ltd pharmaceutical production batch number 15080858 Kaixiong SHUNQI pill, Chongqing Lingfang Biological Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd production of Sam fan for 150903 batch of musk Zhuanggu plaster, Taikang Hayne Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd production for 161101 batch of Pepsin Granules, a lot of Pharmaceutical Co. the company production batch of vitamin E nicotinate 1609231 Capsules, Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is produced by the batch number of 5120108AE Cefradine for Injection. Unqualified items include character, content determination, disintegration time limit, weight difference, loading difference, content of ointment and titer.  gay sauna 
Two, for the above unqualified drugs, relevant provincial food and drug administration departments have taken control measures such as seizure, seizure and other control measures, requiring enterprises to suspend sales, use and recall products, and carry out rectification. gay sex massage 
Three, the State Food and Drug Administration requirements of the relevant units of the provincial food and drug administration provisions of the above-mentioned enterprises on the basis of the "People's Republic of China Drug Administration Law" article seventy-third, seventy-fourth, seventy-fifth, the drug production and sales of substandard law violations for investigation, the results publicly on the production and sales of substandard units or drug related enterprises three within a month, and promptly report the relevant situation of administration.
This is the notice.