Philippines, an anti-corruption prosecutor was suspended for investigation of Walter account

[World Wide Web] according to the Swiss news, citing Agence France-Presse reported in January 28th, an anti-corruption prosecutor in Philippines was arrested for leaking the bank records of President Duthel Te. gay escort 
Duthel Te, a spokesman for Harry Roque (Harry Roque), said 28 days, the chief assistant of the president has suspended a prosecutor named Melcho Arthur Karandan (Melchor Arthur Carandang) for 3 months.
Karandan told local television in 2017 that the supervision office has been quietly investigating the bank transactions of Duthel Te's family since 2016.  gay club
It was reported that when Duthel Te ran for president in 2016, he was accused of failing to disclose 211 million pesos in the secret bank account in accordance with the law (about 26 million yuan). gay sex massage  Duthel Te himself denied it.