The kungong responds to the Russians against the presidential parade: Putin is an absolute leader

In Russia all over the country on Sunday (28), there was a public parade to oppose the Russian presidential election in March 18th this year. To this end, 29 days of Moscow Kremlin said that at the present stage, no one could see anyone threatening and challenging President Putin's political status. At the same time, it was hard to imagine that someone would question Putin's status as "absolute leader" in Russian politics and public opinion. gay spa 
Russian news agency 29, quoted by the Russian President Per Skov's news secretary, said that Moscow Kremlin does not think that the opposition leader Nevali is Putin's political threat. gay male massage  "Putin's support is even beyond the border of Russia, and it is hard to imagine that someone will question the status of his public leader." "It is difficult for anyone to compete with Putin at this stage. Putin has proved his undeniable leadership many times and he will continue to do it." gay sauna 
Russian opposition personage Alexei Navaline was arrested 28 days in the capital Moscow for an illegal gathering and was released later in the day. For the period of internal navarri was taken away by police demonstrations, Peskov stressed that the police action has sufficient basis. According to the latest polls of the all Russian Public Opinion Research Center, Putin's approval rate is 73.2% in all presidential candidates, far ahead of other competitors.