Sixty elderly people with intellectual disabilities and daughter lost market respectively after 19 years finally meet

In January 28th, the ice and snow covered a warm winter. A wandering through Jiangsu Dongtai city six years old, in the crowd together under the rescue, successfully found the lost 19 years of loved ones, and in the help of the police and railway from Liaoning to Dalian relatives together on the train home.  gay escort 
After 19 years of mother and daughter finally meet about lovesickness cry on each other's shoulder
A snowstorm in the south, so this tracing abnormal road difficult to walk. Along the way, the car slowly driving, which makes thousands of miles away from Liaoning Dalian to Dongtai City tracing a line of three people very anxious. Tang Ling on the train thought that she was going to see her mother for 19 years. She was very excited. Tears fell from her face. Her head didn't look out at the window.
Sixty elderly people with intellectual disabilities and daughter lost market respectively after 19 years finally meet
At the age of 17, her mother, Li Shuzhen, took her to the streets to catch up with her. She remembered that she was so happy that she changed her new clothes and went out with her mother. Many people on the street is crowded, Tang Ling and his mother. When she came home crying, she did not see the trace of her mother again. This was a full 19 years. Tang Lingyuan thought he could never see his mother again, until a few days ago he received a phone call from the land stationmaster of the Dongtai rescue station.
Over the phone, the webmaster told Tang Ling where they rescue a old man named Li Shuzhen, 63 year old, who lives in Dalian Fenglin street. Hear this, have repeatedly appeared in his dream name, Tang Ling could hardly believe their ears, her heart pounding, "is it true? Did you really find my mother who lost me for years? " On the phone, Tang Ling repeatedly told Lu stationmaster the happy news from the sky.  gay club
The land stationmaster passed the photos of Li Shuzhen's present through the Internet mail. Tang Lingchu saw her photo, and she felt the impression of the mother of facial appearance is still a big difference, after all, the past 19 years, people have changed, Tang Ling also not sure, hurriedly found her uncle and aunt and other relatives at home to see. Later, with the help of the rescue station, Tang Ling met her mother for the first time through online video. In the recollection of mother's past memories, Tang Ling was convinced that the old man sitting in front of the computer screen was the mother who had been lost for many years.
Tang Ling, who was so excited, could not wait for a moment, and she could not wait to see her mother. In January 27th, she packed her bag and stepped on the train to Dongtai with her uncle and aunt.
In January 28th, Tang Ling waited for three people to the DongTai Railway Station. Zhou Jianxin, a local police station, has been waiting here to arrange for them to take a police car together and go to a nursing home in Dongtai to find Li Shuzhen old man.
"Mom, where have you been these years? Our family is looking for you to find a good bitterness, whining... " In in the nursing home, Tang Ling met his long lost mother. Mother and daughter were telling these years cry on each other's shoulder, the pain of love, his relatives in the scene so that the people were moved to tears.
Sixty elderly people with intellectual disabilities and daughter lost market respectively after 19 years finally meet
Many people seek to help the vagrants and beg for the old people to find their relatives
From the discontinued words of Li Shuzhen's old man, Tang Ling is vaguely aware of his mother's tragic experiences these years. The young Li Shuzhen because of the spirit was stimulated down the root cause, mild mental retardation, sometimes sober, sometimes confused.  gay sex massage 
In the winter of 1999, Li Shuzhen with her daughter and daughter took to the fair, separated after a daze on the "home" of the car, did not expect to sit in the opposite direction, and the farther the distance and, in a strange place out of the car and began her wandering life.
In recent years, Li Shuzhen has been collecting garbage and begging for wandering in the street. Where she went home, until she met good people in Dongtai. At 10 a.m. on January 20th, Li Wei, a police station of the Hua she police station, received a warning from the crowd. He found a big old little bag in the new Cao farm on the 228 national road. He walked in the middle of the road. Many large trucks were on the way, which was very dangerous. Police Li Wei immediately rushed to the scene, looking for the wandering old man. Because of the temporary identification of the identity of the elderly, Li Wei had to escort her to the rescue management station in Dongtai to settle down.
Dongtai City Rescue Station Manager Chen Weina gave the old man brought hot meals to the elderly and the bath, changed her clean and warm clothes, the vicissitudes of the face of smile. Then, the city rescue station and placing the old man to the condition of a nursing home is relatively better, and according to the elderly name and Dalian Fenglin street the two the only clue, help the elderly find family.
Through the Dongtai city rescue station and Dalian City Fenglin Street thousands of miles away from both ends of the line, let 19 years apart finally landed family information. Fenglin district police station after careful search, found there are the people Li Shuzhen, but the account has been in 3 years before the cancellation. The police tried hard to find a way to contact her daughter, Tang Ling.  gay male massage videos