Micro-blog punishments are not hot search for 3 months.

Hot search list and hot topic list can quickly and accurately reflect the degree and direction of micro-blog users' attention to hot topics. Micro-blog has gradually become a notable exposure spot in micro-blog. Therefore, some enterprises and entertainment industry practitioners began to conduct organized brushing behavior in order to get concerns and traffic volume, and some related Internet black products also appeared in the society. gay sex massage
In order to ensure the authenticity and trustworthiness of the hot list and hot topic list, micro-blog constantly upgraded the algorithm itself and set up a large data recognition based brush system. For the behavior of cheating, the system can be identified and intercepted in real time. In the hot search list, about 40% of the hot search words are recognized by the system as traffic anomalies and can not be listed on the list every day.
Micro-blog through technical means to build a defense barrier strategy cannot satisfy the user and social expectations for micro-blog, in order to prevent and combat the brush list, micro-blog will intensify efforts to deal with the hot search list hot topic list brush standings behavior, and penalties for the direct beneficiaries: for the hot topic and the host are brush standings behavior for, traffic anomaly search word and object of joint disposal. Constantly improving the ecological environment of the list, transmitting the information of real and positive energy, and effectively combating the unfair competition behavior that destroys the rules of the community.
According to the statistics since January, the outstanding topics and hot search words of the brushing list are as follows:
Wang Lele micro-blog
Bing Jia
First love boy Ma Jiaqi
Zhou Bichang response  gay spa 
Miracle boy
Husband and wife
Colourful bone
Thunderbolt parents
National husband
Hey watch TV
Bereavement couple
Wei Qianxiang Jiang Yan
Jiang Yan, a national daughter-in-law
Song Xiaobao super jellyfish
An egg and a former husband
Jia Bing, a happy comedian
Lai Guanlin, an idol Trainee
Former three Wang Zi
Steve Ma
Xiamen wedding photography studio
Watch engraved workshop
Daewoo hot live
Entertaining tiger master  gay male massage videos 
Sanda V5
Interior sharing of Chinese cabbage coupons
Xiao Bao sister M
The head of the head
Macao thunder
Zhang # head ##gai Honglei Sun to ## snow meets the eye makeup claim one hundred million ## seeds Li Xiaolu appeared ## step Hyun dance ## daxun Zhang Fei small Ruoyun ## answer overnight guests ## dissatisfaction with the judges out of control fabiao # shady gay escort