"Jumping off" the Secretary of the mayor, turned out to be the brothers

In October 9th, the people's daily, published a "comprehensive strictly, we have to" one article, Jilin Siping Research Institute as a sample, to show how a unit by Sheng Zhuanshuai, by the failure to chaos, the chaos to the whole process of governance.gay spa
The content of this article is vivid and the case is detailed and informative, which has aroused great concern from all walks of life. In the article, the governor of Chang'an Avenue saw such an amazing scene:
Siping Institute of science and technology as a result of the two Dean and a group of cadres of the former "corruption" followed, workers have not received wages for 9 consecutive months. In order to seek a way out, some workers began to petition, by 2012, there has been a massive collective visit.
In the petition process: the municipal Party committee secretary, mayor can only work from the first floor office window jump in and out, to lunch time, with a basket of food shipped up.
Faced with such a serious corruption problem and fierce social conflicts, the main leaders do not play the role of inaction, blindly prevarication and escape. Who are these two men?gay sauna
When the Siping municipal Party committee secretary Liu Xijie, former Secretary General of the provincial government; the mayor Shi Guoxiang, he served as director of the provincial environmental protection, two people in both.
Born in 1962, Liu Xijie worked in the local city of Jilin for a long time. He served as mayor of Baishan, mayor of Siping City and Secretary of municipal Party committee. At the Eleventh Party Congress in Jilin province in May this year, he was elected member of the provincial committee. After visiting the central tour to see the end, he fell Lok ma.
Secretary of the mayor to avoid the petition work on the dinner basket jumping ship Liu Xijie
Shi Guoxiang was born in March 1961, Jilin Province, former deputy secretary of Jilin Municipal Committee (director level), deputy secretary and mayor of Siping City, provincial tourism bureau. In early 2015, he was transferred to the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, in April this year, due to alleged serious violation, was terminated NPC deputies qualifications.gay bar
Secretary of the mayor to avoid the petition work on the dinner basket jumping ship
Former party secretary and mayor dereliction of duty, to Siping's political ecology has brought adverse effects. Research Institute of union is responsible for the people, the petition leader Yu Fei said: "in the past, we found the deputy mayor, said the work is also a deputy mayor, and then find another vice mayor, deputy mayor said to find."
"Secretary, director, we saw a lot of petitions, but no one really help us solve the problem.". Some cadres had asked, why don't we build a robot to make money, one can sell 6 million yuan; and a secretary said the cause of the preparation of the material that we lost, because the computer is too small to be hard to go out. You fool people, have to find a reason! How can we believe what they said?" Yu Fei talked about it and was still in a state of agitation.gay club
On the one hand, the masses continue to petition, and the other side is corruption, "still", the former president of the Research Institute Dong Weidong even became a provincial party representative, the provincial labor model, openly shouting, "Siping City, no one can check on me."".
From February 27th to April 27th this year, the central second inspection team to Jilin "look back."". According to the central inspection bulletin, the political ecology of Jilin is not healthy enough, there are "good doctrine", and some leading cadres "sick promoted", state-owned enterprises, transportation and other key areas exist honest risk.
In recent years, including Dong Weidong, Siping city people have been sacked, had worked with Liu Xijie Zhao Hongxing, since 2006 has served in Siping City Public Security Bureau chief, deputy mayor, deputy mayor and Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Department of justice after the transfer. April 2015 was double open".
At the end of August, the Jilin Provincial Committee of the eighth inspection teams stationed in Siping, Siping September 4th, former vice mayor Wang Yu crashed sacked. As early as two years ago, the State Council organized second major inspections, he was not in the audit process as part of, neglect of duty, strict checks, subject to administrative warning.
At present, Siping being carried out for a period of six months of "two - two enhanced remediation special action, the focus on remediation irresponsible, the problem is not official, strengthen cadres officer entrepreneurial enthusiasm; focus on remediation and unwholesome tendencies occurred in the masses around the problem of corruption, enhance people gain a sense of.gay escort