Take takeout, buy sleeping pills, save your heart and save your life

According to the Taizhou Evening News reported on October 9th, a female customer let sea errands little brother Xiao Mou to help buy "Estazolam Tablets", has made more than 10 phone calls required to buy the same medicine, Xiao Mou suspect the customer may want to commit suicide, reported to the police, and finally alarm the police arrived with the customer, will save the woman to commit suicide sent to hospital. A life.
October 8th morning, Xiao Mou busy errands little brother was one of the last home business, is at 2 o'clock, this trip is only a single night of his errands business, although tired one night did not make money, black eyes boil the night, but save a life.gay massage
This year's 23 year old Mou is a buy platform, a takeaway rider, October 7th evening more than 7 minutes, Xiao Mou received a single business, mobile phone APP show, a female customer asked him to help buy medicine, is a errand. Xiao Mou told reporters, APP there are errands business, a trip down to deduct five or six yuan, far more.
After receiving orders, Xiao Mou according to customer requirements, go to Taizhou Hospital bought a box of 20 pieces of "Estazolam Tablets", two water to the coastal village streets in a rented room. "The man who came out to receive the goods was a man who claimed to be the customer's boyfriend. After I gave the medicine to the other party, the business was finished."." Xiao Mou recalled, "although I know this is sleeping pills, but the other side has family care, I did not pay much attention."."male massage
Xiao Mou did not expect that, after the completion of orders, the other party has repeatedly made a number of calls to him, continue to let him buy the same sleeping pills, until 11 in the evening, a total of more than 10 calls. After buying 27 sleeping pills two times, Xiao Mou thought things were not that simple.
Women buy takeout pills who left the one to save a life.boy massage
Xiao Mou said, normal people who need so many sleeping pills, it will not want to commit suicide, a careful thought, the phone's voice of the other party, really very anxious.
Women buy takeout pills who left the one to save a life
Think of possible bad things, Xiao Mou drew 110 reported the police, alarm ancient city police station police Hu Zhengguo also found that the situation is not right, immediately call on the small Mu lead the way. Two water rushed to the small village, very worried for the medicine rental, the police found the door ajar, a young woman kept spinning in the water, to speak incoherently, 3 boxes to pull the finished tablets sleeping bag on the side, a box of 10.
Women buy takeout pills who left the one to save a life
Simply asked a few words, the police had no time to pull out 120, called an ambulance, the woman on the spot into the police car, sent to the nearest city of a hospital for emergency treatment, gastric lavage and other emergency measures.
That night, the woman regained consciousness, the police also through the women's mobile phone to his boyfriend. It is understood that the 23 year old woman, had a quarrel with her boyfriend that night, her boyfriend left, he took more than 30 sleeping pills to commit suicide, because the home stock is not enough, it commissioned errands little brother help purchasing, so save a life.gay sex massage