Alice violation through the protected area trapped rescued

National Day holiday is a busy season, but you should also pay attention to safety when going out. Reporters yesterday from Sichuan, Wenchuan County, Wolong SAR public security department was informed that during the national day, 3 Alice in the Wolong natural reserve through the mountains trapped, of which two Alice from Shanghai. At present, rescue workers have found trapped people, there is no danger of life, but because of high mountains and deep valleys, is expected to save the mountain down safely, still need 2 days.
Three Alice trapped for club
In October 5th 3 pm, Wenchuan County, Wolong District Public Security Bureau of Wolong police station duty police received a distress call, the phone a rapid emergency call: "male police officers, we were trapped, please help us!"
On the phone, the caller said that their line of 3 (2 men and 1 women) entered Wolong in September 30th, plans to walk through the core area, but a few days later, some people began to have altitude sickness, varying degrees of fever and other symptoms. Especially the woman, the most serious symptoms of altitude sickness, physical discomfort, the urgent need for bar
By the local public security officers understand that the trapped personnel did not register for the record, is illegal crossing. 6 early morning, by the police, medical personnel, militia composed of 16 rescue teams into the mountains search and rescue.
It takes two days to get down the mountain
7, 14 09, 16 people in the rescue team after more than 6 hours of accourding to where the trapped climbing bridge bullpen, found three tour pal trapped, two men tour pal normal female tour pal Panmou stable vital signs, but the reaction to high severe limb weakness, not walking.
It is understood that 3 of the two Alice (1 men and 1 women) from Shanghai, one from Jiangxi. The female tour pal Panmou chubby, and I can't climb the mountain sickness, the rescue team went Jiaji Liangzi line more than four thousand meters above sea level, only along the climbing bridge ditch to withdraw, returned from the Yinchanggou dangerous sauna
In order to ensure the safety and rescue personnel trapped on the 8 day tour pal, morning, Wolong SAR, Wolong nature reserve administration again organized a 14 person team slips into the rescue work, including the protection of station 8 has long been engaged in field work, and 6 people familiar with the situation of the local villagers in the mountains.
According to the Wenchuan ABA Wolong police reports, because the Yinchanggou terrain is complex and dangerous roads, river rapids, trapped personnel factors such as physical reasons, temporarily unable to predict the withdrawal time, arrived at the foot of the mountain the fastest also need two days.
Will be subject to relevant penalties
Wolong nature reserve is located in the southwest of Wenchuan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, Southeast Slope of Qionglai mountain range. It is a national nature reserve. Sichuan is also the largest and most complex nature sex massage
Liu Qilin, deputy director of the Wolong public security sub Bureau, said that for a long time, personnel activities were prohibited in the core area of Wolong. But since 2008, there have been Alice in spite of discouraging attempts to cross the Wolong uninhabited area. According to statistics, since 2008, Wolong Public Security Bureau has carried out more than ten search and rescue work, each time a large number of people need to invest property.
In 2013 a rescue operation, a Alice went into the mountains and lost contact with their families. Their families are very worried, after the police, the rescue team into the mountains to find Alice, the Alice some discontent, the rescue team said, "what are you doing?" I didn't ask you to come to me!" Rescue personnel dumbfounding.
Liu Qilin said that every time there are hikers trapped, they will follow the principle of life first implementation of the rescue, but those who do not listen to discourage people who waste too much money resources. "This is not only illegal through itself at risk, also once again to the local rescue workers brought trouble, according to the relevant laws and regulations, illegal thefate will accept the punishment."boy massage