National Day holiday, more consumer complaints

City industry and Commerce Bureau announced this year's National Day Mid Autumn Festival consumer complaints. During the long holiday, the city administration of industry and Commerce received 1341 complaints from consumers (1254 complaints, 87 reports), an increase of 14%, to answer all kinds of advice 659 pieces. Among them, online consumer complaints accounted for 52% of total complaints, catering and accommodation (98), tourism services (85), rental services (82), Home Furnishing activities (77), (66) and other courier service complaints among the top, see massage
Catering accommodation and tourism consumption demand topped
During the holiday, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 center received 98 complaints class catering accommodation and travel 85 categories of complaints, mainly reflect the hotel online booking and ticket orders, tourism disputes disputes, tourism accommodation and tour guide services, agreed with the poor, the fee dispute caused by overseas travel consumption accounted for about 30%. Such as consumer Liang reflects, through a website booking Tokyo Osaka double trip package, Discovery Inn Hotel accommodation conditions inconsistent with the agreement, and operators dispute. The consumer liaomou reflect, in October 3rd the purchase of Phuket Island tourism packages on the Internet, but the travel guide fails to pick up, causing tourists spa
Sharing bike, courier and other consumer appeal increased significantly
During the long vacation, 82 complaints involving rental services, an increase of 57 pieces, mainly reflecting the sharing of bicycle rental fees, deposit refund, riding and other aspects of the problem. If the consumer Kwak reflect, hire a brand bike and pay a deposit of 299 yuan, now apply for a refund has been unsuccessful. Complaints involving express service 66, an increase of 42%, mainly reflecting the delivery of goods is not timely, defects and other items. Involving cultural, entertainment, sports complaints 40, an increase of 39%, mainly focused on holiday fitness exercises, film screenings, playground services and other disputes. Such as consumers Liu reflect, buy 2 tickets in a website, due to delays in taking tickets, contact the operator has been shirk.
Domestic, household appliances and other products after service disputes are more concentrated
During the long holidays, complaints involving household, household appliances and communications products were 77, 55 and 58, respectively, and the complaints were relatively concentrated. The customer service service delay, holidays reflect operator vacancy, accounted for more than 7. If consumer Zhang reflects, buy a brand water heater, ask for additional power line to operator, but the other party says after long holiday can offer. Consumers reflect Wu, the water heater at home failure, contact the operator was prevarication.
Moon cake complaints tend to decrease.male massage
During the long holiday, 12315 centers received 27 complaints of moon cakes, a decrease of 7 pieces, mainly reflecting the "moon cake coupons" difficult to pick up, the operator delivered moon cake is not timely. If consumers reflect Zhu, a certain brand of moon cake coupons to the designated store pick up, but was told no goods. Consumers reflect Liu, through a website ordering moon cake, the operator has been delayed delivery