The woman heart is ill in hospital, police force to clear the way of life

During the National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday in 2017, when a small group of friends played happily, there was a big worry in Qingyuan.
On October 1st at 11:53 in the morning, and traffic police mobile patrol squadron instructor Zhong Weihua FM978 received a call for help: Dongfeng popular car ride Guangdong R20HXX a heart discomfort women need to the hospital emergency room, hit the peak travel, stuck in the S114 section of the cap line.
Guangdong women's hospital heart discomfort in the holiday traffic, police force to clear the way of life
Zhong Weihua quickly deployed police, arranged for police to drive two police motorcycles to pick up the sick and go to hospital for treatment. When the police arrived at the S114 line of the cap section, find the name of one woman, for patients with heart can not ride a motorcycle discomfort, plus the S114 line of stranded vehicles too much, only a police car to dredge, at 2 pm with the driver was sent to hospital.
Guangdong women's hospital heart discomfort in the holiday traffic, police force to clear the way of life
After emergency, the woman was out of danger.
Similar warm feelings, Zhuhai also sex massage
1 year old child have a fever coma blocked Zhuhai Avenue
Around 5 p. m. on September 30th, a white CUV Nissan SUV in Guangdong Province stopped suddenly on the Zhuhai Avenue, Zhujiang high speed lipstick and green light. The police officer who was on duty was surprised by mr.. At this time, the driver Zheng Mouyao down the window, anxious to sun police officer for help, the car's 1 year old child fever seriously, and urgently need to send to maternal and child health care hospital.
Sun police officer to look inside the car, I saw the back of the lady in the arms of the child listless, eyes have been half open and closed state, and also posted on the head of the fever paste, but no matter how shouting, slapping, did not respond, looked worried! Considering to the maternal and child at least 25 kilometers, traffic lights in front of red light, sun police immediately arrange for police to open yellow, driving the car.
In the car after the road, along the Bay, South Bay, Gongbei, Xiangzhou traffic police brigade in advance to control lights, open the window. Yellow police led off-road vehicles on Zhuhai Avenue on the emergency lane, a road traffic is great, but the driver heard the siren, consciously let out a life passage.boy massage
Guangdong women's hospital heart discomfort in the holiday traffic, police force to clear the way of life
Only two minutes, this car off-road car after Hezhou north road congestion, but at the moment, appears in front of a bad car, fortunately surrounding vehicles are active line, off-road vehicles can be fast towards the hill before the interchange of two layers. In this waiting for a long time, Gongbei traffic police saw off-road vehicles, immediately lead the way, bypassing the congestion section, opened to Yingbin South tunnel section, but also retrograde through the traffic flow into the tunnel. 5:50, the child successfully sent to maternal and child health care male massage videos
After understanding, the current situation of children stable, has nothing to do.
Warm prompt, do not illegally occupy the emergency Lane
Remind every people who travel by car: during the holiday traffic, see this traffic, some people will hurry, hurry, hurry to get to the destination, but do not remember the illegal occupation of the emergency lane!gay erotic escort
And China's traffic laws and regulations clearly states: "no emergency, not in the emergency Lane driving or parking.". Illegal occupation of the emergency lane, will be a record 6 points; refused to listen to discourage the departure, will be towed away according to law, and seek to impede the implementation of official duties.