Media reports say his "a greeting" is worth a car.

Recently, the Beijing court trial information network announced the deputy director of the Ministry of housing construction market supervision department Liu Yuxin bribery commutation criminal ruling.
In December 2012, he was sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment for confiscation of bribes, and 300 thousand yuan of personal property was confiscated. He was later imprisoned in the Justice Department Yan Cheng prison.
He had a greeting value of about 200000, now commuted 2 times
He was accused of using his position to facilitate, through to the relevant personnel or directly intervene in the way of greeting, to provide help for the related enterprise management qualification, the project contract, and then charge the house, shares, dollars, cars, watches and other. Media reports say his "a greeting" is worth a about 200000 massage
"Politics" noted that in 2015, Liu Yuxin received a sentence.
By September 2015, in prison, pleaded guilty to repentance, abide by the rules and discipline of the prison, and actively participate in the ideological, cultural and technical studies and work, assessment period was praised for 5 times, individual recognition 1 times, he was minus one year imprisonment.
In July this year, Yan City prison again, Liu Yuxin in prison, pleaded guilty to repentance, abide by the rules and discipline of the prison, and actively participate in the ideological, cultural and technical studies and work, assessment period was praised for 5 times, true repentance, recommended sentence of 8 months.
In September 8th this year, the Beijing second intermediate people's court held that Liu Yuxin during the execution of punishment, true repentance, meet the statutory conditions for commutation, commutation, according to its ruling minus 8 months imprisonment, jail since September 29, 2011 should be commuted after, until January 28, 2022.male massage
Born in November 1955, Liu Yuxin, who has long worked in the Ministry of housing (formerly the Ministry of construction), served as director of construction management, construction development division, construction supervision department, deputy director of the construction market supervision department and other positions.
"Politics" noted that in his career, 11 years (2000 to April 2011)
By the end of 2000, the Ministry of construction began to set up a qualification review system for the construction industry, and wanted to reshuffle the industrial structure and upgrade the structure.
In this context, thousands of construction enterprises are beginning to find their own way out. When he was chairman of the Beijing Municipal Road Engineering Group Co. Ltd. is a member of a gui.
According to a statement at the time of Guangxi, the company did not field a qualification to contract the project, there are many restrictions. GUI Mou through others pull strings, met Liu Yuxin, "he was very pleased to promise to help".
With the help of Liu Yuxin, GUI company qualification approval. To this end, GUI borrow Liu Yuxin son abroad name, to Liu Yuxin 10 thousand dollars. This let Liu Yuxin in the position of director at that time tasted the spa
In 2003, the establishment of a "Beijing Jing Qi letter Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.", the registered capital of 5 million yuan, Liu Yuxin took out 200 thousand, also want to stake. After the GUI supply Liu Yuxin 300 thousand, make up 500 thousand of the shares, because fear is too ostentatious, shares registered in the name of Liu Yuxin.
Subsequently, Liu Yuxin and fancy GUI company office space. This apartment, with a total price of 1 million 600 thousand, is located near the century city of Haidian District. But Liu Yuxin only 1 million 200 thousand, but also three times to pay. One family moved in, Liu Yuxin is afraid of too ostentatious, anchored in the real estate will have business dealings with their friends name.
In December 30, 2006, the Ministry of construction adopted the regulations on the management of enterprise qualification for construction enterprises, which came into effect on September 1, 2007. This means that all construction enterprises must obtain qualification certificates before they can engage in construction within the scope of qualification permit.
That time, Liu Yuxin has served as deputy director of the construction market management department of the former Ministry of construction. And this for the construction enterprises established qualification examination system, also became his rent-seeking tool.
According to reports, a construction company in Hebei for special qualifications, and even the company boss Li himself know the conditions are lacking. Liu Yuxin personally called the Hebei construction office, "if the company is good, we should be concerned about, and if the hall agreed, we hasten to declare materials reported to the Ministry."".gay club
Then, if the material is sent to the Ministry, but because of a construction division certificate and personnel with engineering, performance is not equal to get stuck". Under the care of Liu Yuxin, the company finally got the qualification. This time, he harvested a value of more than 15 yuan golf club membership card.
In 2008, Liu Yuxin helped the company in Beijing in a similar way to the continuing education program of the registered supervision engineer, who gained a about 200000 TOYOTA sedan. When Liu Yuxin moved to the new home, the other side sent a set of 20 thousand yuan worth of high-end audio.
In 2011, Liu Yuxin helped a company get top contractor qualifications. Evidence shows that Liu Yuxin was not only to remind the personnel selection can be considered for the company to participate in evaluation, the company is also through the field verification after the initial evaluation should be in the stage, Liu Yuxin unilaterally announced by the initial evaluation does not need the field verification.
Before and after the Spring Festival in 2011, Liu Yuxin received a about 300000 Patek Philippe watch for his bar
Second half of 2011, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of housing in the Ministry found Liu Yuxin talks.
December 2012, Liu Yuxin involved in bribery case trial. The court held that Liu Yuxin, as a national staff member, took advantage of his position to illegally accept property from others and seek benefits for others. His actions constituted bribes and belonged to a huge amount. Because Liu Yuxin is not capable of handling organs in the grasp of the situation, take the initiative to explain the fact that the crime of bribery, has voluntarily surrendered themselves, and has paid back all the money and fruits, good attitude, can be given a lighter punishment according to sauna