Men catch wild crab king

In 2013, Ningbo Ninghai town of The Strip giant wild crab fishermen from the sea king Jingfang accidentally caught one weighing 2.85 pounds, 2.4 pounds three to break the record of the king crab.
In October 4th, the record was broken again!
Ningbo Beilun Mr. He a leisure fish move, even to a 3.2 pound wild crab king.
The man caught 3.2 pounds of wild crab king it was arrested after fasted for two days
The man caught 3.2 pounds of wild crab king it was arrested after fasted for two days
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Yesterday, when contacted Mr. He, he is at home, the protagonist is the big crab, crab glutinous rice porridge.
He is 36 years old this year, Beilun Daqi, Ningbo Karen mold enterprise boss, because I grew up in the sea, there has been a fishing hobby to catch fish.
The evening of October 4th, he and two brothers drove from Beilun to new Daqi Qi Yang sand fishing.
"We often catch fish in this area, on average, one or two times a month.". Put down the nets on the shore, about half an hour after the net, regardless of harvest only put a net, and then go home." At 8 o'clock in the evening, at 8:30 at 9 o'clock on the net, the net, and then drive home. Harvest is not much, sometimes there are, and sometimes no, the harvest is more common stone crabs, sea carp and so on, as a pastime after work.
"When the network began to close the net, is very heavy, we think to a shoes, etc. a bottom water, lying on a big crab, motionless."
The accident made two people very excited. For crab run, they close the net action is very slow, pull ashore, not only did not untie the nets, but the crab with net crumpled.
Mr. he grew up at the beach, can distinguish between wild and cultured Scylla serrata, "near the sea no crab farms, this is definitely a wild crab, rough estimation has two and a half pounds above." Networking with crab, he said Dianzhe bar
Facts have proved that he still estimated wrong, a weighing after home, it was 3.2 pounds!
"What a surprise!". In three, I saw the largest crab is more than 2 pounds, is generally 7821."
Such a big crab, the shell is suffused with black and blue sheen, two large claws looks very scary, accidentally caught, needless to say, certainly the injured finger.
Mr. He is networked, with crabs into the bucket, he did not dare to use his hand, but with a pair of chopsticks, bit by bit stripped of the fishing net. In the whole process, crab has maintained a defensive stance, chopsticks slightly touched, chela nervously with the past, especially sensitive action.
But it can only stay in the barrel. Once there is "break out" behavior, he immediately put it down with chopsticks.
I heard Mr. he caught only the king crab, heard friends early in the morning rush over the crowd, there is also a friend of 3000 yuan of money to buy Mr. He declined.
He said, such a big crab rare, if only a few thousand dollars, he wanted to buy a try.
This crab eventually did not escape the fate of being eaten.
The man caught 3.2 pounds of wild crab king it was arrested after fasted for two days
Mr. He for map
From the evening of 4 was arrested last night, Mr. He had to feed it fish shrimp, but it is "tougher" hunger, not touch these erotic escort
"Crab and crab, dead can't eat too much waste."
Yesterday afternoon, Mr. He invited six or seven friends, including the fish's brother, evening together to eat glutinous rice porridge crab.
Look at the two large claws crab, to put it out and killed, apparently unlikely!
However, Mr. Zhu has a way, he burned a thermos of water, the water slowly pour it to the head.
During the intense struggle, hard to climb around, but with the boiling water poured down the action gradually slowed down, about four or five minutes later, completely motionless.
At this time, Mr. He to carry out crab, with a kitchen knife cut into the pressure cooker to cook porridge.
"Taste?"...... Indeed more delicious than ordinary crab, are fat long oil, porridge for more than an hour, the meat is seeping into the porridge is very fresh, very fresh, the tongue is fresh off." At 9 last night, Mr. Sun, who had finished his crab dinner, male massage videos