National Day experience: Highway skeleton perfect, civil aviation power rise

This year's national day, Mid Autumn Festival reunion, a holiday for 8 days, working in Beijing, Liu plans with friends to go to Qinghai Lake tourism, and early arrangements: starting from Beijing to Xi'an by Gao Tiexian, in the city to play two days to fly to Xining, in the local group carpool destination Qinghai Lake, the plane from Xining to return to massage
Like Liu, more and more travelers choose to travel by plane, such as high-speed rail, ride transit, bike sharing more is a good choice to solve the "last mile" travel. In recent years, the transportation industry is developing at an unprecedented speed, and the transportation modes for people to choose are more diverse, and the travel experience has been greatly improved.
Highway skeleton is more perfect
This holiday, love driving tour of foreign white-collar Li Jing chose and his family from Beijing, drive to Qingdao to play, "the whole more than 600 kilometers, seven or eight hours to open, and also can see the scenery along the way."." Li Jing like this kind of free from restraint, stop and go traffic mode, "now almost to the domestic, which places have high speed, the road condition is very good, free holidays, so that travel saved a lot of money."."male massage
Nowadays, the self driving tour has become the norm of the fake tour, and it depends on the continuous promotion of the road construction in our country. Since the eighteen years of the party, our country has accelerated the pace of highway construction, the situation of highway transport capacity has been greatly alleviated, and has become a powerful pioneer in economic and social development. At present, China's total scale of highway network in the world; the highway mileage ranks first in the world; the national highway network continues to improve, the connection and above the county level administrative region; rural highway mileage reached 3 million 959 thousand and 800 kilometers, up to 99.99% towns and 99.94% administrative villages.
As the artery and framework of economic development, the highway has become the focus of highway construction in China since the eighteen, and a number of representative major projects have been completed or started. By the end of 2016, the total mileage of expressways across the country reached 131 thousand km, a net increase of 35 thousand km compared with the end of 2012, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 8%. At present, the "7918" national highway network was basically completed, covering almost 200 thousand of the urban population. By the end of 2016, the total mileage of expressways opened to traffic in 20 provinces of the central and Western China was up to 89 thousand km, a net increase of 28 thousand km over the end of 2012, an increase of club
This national day, in the Shanghai University Liu Xing going back to his hometown in Yunnan to spend the holidays, "in the past from Shanghai back to Kunming by train to 35 hours, now the opening of the high-speed rail, only 11 hours, shortened for 1 days." Before the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail was opened, Liu Xing hardly ever thought about returning home during the national day, because it was only 4 days on the road, and the "long vacation" turned into a "short vacation"".
In December 28, 2016, Shanghai Kunming high speed railway was fully connected, becoming the longest distance between East and West routes and the highest speed railway in many provinces. In the past 5 years, China's high-speed rail territory extends continuously, four vertical and four horizontal high-speed rail main frame basically completed, the China high iron by "line" to "network" leap. As the largest country in the world in high-speed rail safety transportation, China's high-speed rail transport passengers 1 billion 444 million passengers last year. By the end of 2016, China's high-speed rail operating mileage exceeded 22 thousand km, more than the world's high-speed rail mileage and other spa
Comfortable and fast high-speed rail has become an increasingly important means of travel choice for the people, driving the economic development of the urban areas along the line, and becoming a model of "China made by wisdom" and "going out".
Share new impetus for travel
Who lives in Tianjin, working in Beijing, Yuan Shu is loyal users across the city to travel. Beijing and Tianjin round-trip once a week, but in the subway, intercity trains, buses between and back, often take a lot of time, self driving costs are too high. So Yuan Shu chose to ride to solve travel problems, this way is convenient, saves time and from the station, but also more cost-effective.
The National Day holiday, Yuan Shu also intends to ride to the surrounding excursions. "Issuing travel information will soon be answered, and time will be more free."
According to the 2016 Spring Festival travel drops, the first opening ride mode. During the spring of 2017, in a ride on the platform, there are 3 million 330 thousand owners sharing the empty seat, transporting 8 million 480 thousand passengers across the city to travel, the number of domestic flights in the air transport close to the South during the spring festival. Among them, there are 1 million 70 thousand passengers ride directly across the city to ride back to the traffic inconvenience of the town, was carrying luggage for interchange of trouble.
Not long ago, foreign students voted "China four great inventions", will be elected to the bike sharing. Born in just two years, shared bicycles flooded the streets of China's major cities with overwhelming numbers. Today, shared bikes have begun to move overseas, bringing China's original shared economic model into the lives of foreigners. According to statistics, as of September 22, 2017, ofo has connected more than 10 million shared bicycles around the world, providing more than 4 billion travel services for 200 million users in 13 countries (including China). As of September 20, 2017, v-mobile in more than 180 countries around the world to carry out the 8 city bike sharing service. With the sharing of bicycles, APP global payment system officially opened, nationals traveling abroad, in the local do not have to download the new APP, you can directly sweep yards, cycling.
Expand the bus and subway, light rail, highway and other travel way to extend the bicycle together to build, sharing the wisdom of travel system and the aircraft, high-speed rail, and ride, together to help people travel more convenient, more smooth, more sex massage