A bullet flying bomb armed terrorists killed in rollover

Loyalty is a red gene that fits into the blood and carves into the bone marrow. The instructor Yang Hao told reporters: "no matter how serious the situation, to carry out counter-terrorism counterterrorism missions how dangerous the squadron flag in the footsteps of casting the soul never ceased."gay bar
According to President Xi requirements, a good soldier, as chairman Xi's good fighters. The original EOD monitor Gan Wenjie jobs to determine the stay at home for resettlement, together with the fear of violence cases resident, he immediately returned to the squadron in EOD task. He said: "as a President Xi met soldiers, as long as the people need, we must rush the first time."." After 10 hours of intense work, he ruled out more than 30 explosive devices, created the armed forces soldier day EOD record number.
A bomb, a machete, a uniform besmeared with blood......
Into the secret service squadron honor room, it is impressive not more than a hundred medals certificates, but captured in the fight against terror captured. Feel the thrilling and tragic battle, the reporter could not help but ask: "what is the strength to support the sacrifice you walk?"
In recent years, the squadron has participated in 8 search EOD battle, successful removal of all kinds of explosives more than 200. Every time close contact with the death, officers and men never consider personal life and death, but always miss the safety of the masses. They used in their home life and death of the bloody, interpretation of the duties of the clank oath.gay club
A hero, Captain Liu Lin arrived in the Secret Squadron, the squadron frail, he set himself hard, every day in the normal training, and prone to palm, sit ups, squat "5 200" training. 3 months later, his military quality went counter to the top three.
"Chinese's top ten loyal armed guards Liu Zhijun, for a pair of" iron fist ", every day to complete the 60 boxing target training, 4 years of broken 5 sandbags.
In the Secret Squadron, from the cadres to the sergeant, from the driver to the cook, not a "special forces", "the cook" sharpshooter "combat" fireman documents king "Scud" meet the eye everywhere.
Super ultimate challenge was a body strong as iron. By the end of 2015, 35 officers and men of the secret service Squadron, 50 consecutive, were fighting in the line of anti-terrorism, and successfully completed more than 10 tasks, such as searching in the desert forest, and carrying out armed inventory. Second days after returning, Captain Liu Lin pulled the team up to high altitude for 2 weeks of devil training.
In this task, exposed long range, unfamiliar territory tactical cooperation etc. weakness. The fight may start again at any moment, and we must finish the short board at the first time. It is better to sweat on the training ground than to lose it on the battlefield!" Liu Lin finished the short mobilization, the first rushed out.
Standing in the doorway "squadron combat readiness situation map", Liu Lin told reporters: "we do not live up to the President Xi exhortations, resolutely forging counter-terrorism knives, with blood and youth to defend the frontier land."gay sauna
As in the forefront of anti-terrorism and the main battlefield of the troops, facing the task of maintaining stability the current anti-terrorism situation is severe and complicated, arduous, the most important is the spirit of the important speech President Xi series of the firm belief that a strong army, with loyal guards of the political demands of striving to build loyal character, inspire patriotic ambition with contemporary revolutionary soldier mission honor. Guide the officers and men to further enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, firmly and consciously loyal core, core, core support maintenance, and strive to build the general belief, iron iron iron discipline, faith, iron fist troops play.gay spa
The army is first and foremost a fighting team, and it exists for war. To be loyal to the mission, fulfill the mission, only Chidan, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, enthusiasm, attitude is not enough, there must be washed up and win the support of the excellent skills. Face every day when on duty, counter-terrorism, stability maintenance of normal situation and tasks, to fight this string taut moment, the only combat firmly establish the fundamental standards, strengthen the soldier war, troops in war, training to fight the idea, "as long as the undead, went to the dead practice" as the precepts as the Secret Squadron so, do solid work in the basic training of militant and heads of agencies to strengthen the training, examination, confrontational training, strong leading position in the regular duty, strict training in training in polished tip son, stability at the sudden forging "hard fist" in Victoria, called upon to ensure, to able to fight and win the war.
The fight against terrorism is the real thing, fight at outrance contest, not only have the final word NRK, excellent skills, more should have every enemy sword, Cidaoxianhong bloody courage, otherwise it will not sound, at the critical moment the ball dropped. The secret squadron was able to meet the line, at the crucial moment, dare sword, and charge into the enemy ranks a line of anti-terrorism, become "razor knife", it is important to rely on such a bloody tiger.gay erotic escort
Must take the cultivation of fighting spirit stand out as the main content of regular education, grasp the "two are not afraid, not afraid of death" is the core essence, continue to grasp the situation and tasks, duties and revolutionary heroism education, continue to inspire and sacrifice spirit, resolutely get rid of arrogance Johnson two, focus on the cultivation of the faith, dare to fight the great sacrifice win bloody battle, brave and tenacious fighting style, so tired it in front of the face of the enemy, hard to get up and out of the exclusion An important juncture of life and death.
When the army wins the battle, the people are the anchor. As the people's armed police force, we must first remember the nature, adhere to the purpose, uphold the love of the people's pursuit of value, inheritance of the Red Army of the people's genes, the people.gay male massage videos