Yunnan "fireball" airburst event

The Yunnan Observatory Kunming Xinhua News Agency on 5 October, Chinese Academy of experts 5, an interview with reporters confirmed, Yunnan Diqing 4 days around 20 occurred "Fire Meteor" airburst event. Reporters learned that some local people witnessed the astronomical phenomenon, the local government has not yet received injuries or housing damage massage
Reporters from the local people shot a period of 9 seconds of video to see the night sky suddenly appeared a bright point, fleeting again, and suddenly lit up the night sky.
"We heard a loud noise, then went out and saw a light flash across the horizon." Yunling Diqing Deqin County Township village villagers red tokichi said, night sky a bit gloomy, he was at home with friends and family waiting for the moon.male massage
"Suddenly, a loud noise, like thunder."." Dooggy said, we thought the earthquake, but did not feel the ground shaking, then saw a cloud over the horizon. "Everyone took out the cell phone and grabbed it."
"Compared to the territory of the asteroid, Diqing fire explosion should flow stars is caused by a small body of very small." Chinese Academy of Sciences Yunnan Observatory researcher Wang Xiaobin in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters said that similar incidents are not uncommon, such as Orion meteor shower, the Perseid meteor shower, as well as some individual meteoroids or small near earth objects fall event, all belong to the normal astronomical sex massage
According to Wang Xiaobin, there are a large number of small objects in the solar system. Especially those small objects around the earth orbit, because of the perturbation of the planets, are likely to collide with the earth. "Meteoroid ablation through the earth's atmosphere, appears as a bright meteor, we can see the other spectacular phenomenon." Wang Xiaobin said that the bodies of meteoroids that were not completely ablated fell to the ground and were called meteorites. Meteorites were the windows of human understanding of the material composition of the planets of the solar system.boy massage
At present, the local people have not yet received reports of injuries or housing damage.