CBRC strong supervision and governance chaos determination

According to surging news statistics, in the first three quarters of 2017, the banking regulatory authorities at all levels disclosed a total of 1862 tickets, totaling 472 million yuan. However, in September 29th this year, the CBRC in banking operation and supervision of "the briefing said the data show that as of the end of 8, the banking system will make the decision on administrative penalty 2095, punishment banking institutions 1171, fines totaling 552 million yuan; the punishment personnel 899 people, total 18 million 510 thousand yuan fine.
As the penalty time and ticket open time lag, the CBRC revealed tickets are not public, surging news to disclose the time as a statistical caliber.gay massage
Deputy director of the CBRC on-site inspection bureau Yu Jianping at the briefing said that the punishment is not the purpose, just as a means of supervision, supervision is mainly through the "teeth", "long memory", the institutions truly fear rules, compliance management.
The three quarter ticket number has declined, and the high amount of fines
Compared to the two quarter, the banking regulatory authorities at all levels in the three quarter revealed a total of 245 fewer tickets.
China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a total of 1862 tickets before the three quarter of the fine, 472 million of the first three quarters of 2017, China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a number of public fines and fines trend.male massage
Surging news statistics found that the first three quarters of 2017, the CBRC and the number of the trend of the public on the website of the confiscation of the ticket amount is inverted "V" shape.
Specifically, the first quarter of this year to the third quarter, the number of the ticket disclosure departments at all levels were 561, 773, 528 Zhang Zhang, fines amounting to 121 million yuan, 217 million yuan, 134 million yuan. It is not difficult to find, whether it is from the ticket number or amount of fines, penalties for the banking regulatory departments at all levels of the public in the second quarter of the peak. However, the number of open ticket CBRC in the third quarter fell sharply at the same time, the amount of fines is still high.
CBRC director of Prudential Regulation Bureau Xiao Yuanqi on 29 at the briefing said that to truly dare supervision, "dare to confront the greatest danger" spirit; to be able to, "piercing eye like observation, discovery and analysis problem ability; to be willing to have, dedication and sacrifice; but also be good at supervision, supervision methods should pay attention to the way.boy massage
41 tickets over one million yuan, accounting for 29% of the total amount of fines
The CBRC three quarter open ticket, there are 41 single fines amounting to more than 1 million yuan.
China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a total of 1862 tickets before the three quarter of the fine, 472 million, 41 tickets, provincial distribution and fines compared
In addition to 4 tickets issued by the CBRC, the other 37 were issued by the banking regulatory bureau and the banking regulatory bureau of the provinces and municipalities. From the geographical point of view, the Beijing and Shanghai banking regulatory bureau of the largest penalties, the highest amount. The 37 ticket, Beijing Banking Bureau accounted for 5, accounting for 6 of the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau, fines amounting to 29 million 200 thousand yuan, 26 million 496 thousand and 900 yuan. 41 tickets total fines amounting to 138 million yuan, accounting for 29% of the total amount of fines.
In violation of the subject, 41 large ticket, involving bills business and interbank business violations 27, accounting for 65.9%. It is worth noting that the risk of paper business is increasingly grim. Only in the third quarter of July, for example, in August September, involving the amount confiscated illegal bills were 10 million 700 thousand yuan, 7 million 600 thousand yuan, 15 million 226 thousand and 600 yuan. The fines imposed by the banking regulatory authorities at various levels in September are almost equal to the total fines for July and August.
According surging news statistics, the first three quarters of 2017, in addition to the CBRC March 29th punishment of Ping An Bank, Prudential Bank, Huaxia Bank, a total of 295 financial institutions because of bill business violations are punished, fined a total of nearly 125 million yuan.gay escort
The issue of misappropriation of consumer loans highlights
Recently, China Banking Regulatory Commission conducted a thorough investigation of the misappropriation of consumer loan funds.
Surging news found that large state-owned large banks, small to village banks, have appeared because of misappropriation of consumer loans by the banking regulatory authorities punishment.
Specifically, a bank credit management is not in place, apply for consumer loans and housing loans to employees, failed to find consumer loan funds are used to pay the first payment of the purchase; and chairman of the bank in its loan business in violation of personal consumer loans, loan management regulations.
Surging news found that the postal savings bank repeatedly misappropriation of personal consumption loans into the property market was fined. From the banking regulatory authorities to open a ticket situation, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Guangdong and other places of the CBRC are related to the postal savings bank related branch of this behavior punished.
In view of this chaos, the CBRC stressed the need for thorough investigation of misappropriation of consumer loans, to prevent the real estate bubble. China Banking Regulatory Commission prudential regulatory Secretary Xiao Yuan, enterprises use "woodpecker" spirit image summary, CBRC thorough investigation, remediation behavior.gay sex massage
"We pay attention to grasping early, grasping small, grasping fine.". Catch early, that is, in the wind insurance to catch early, so as to nip in the bud, make a rainy day, in the earliest time to identify risks, put the risk extinguished. Don't neglect to catch small is small risk, small risks, sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, so we don't miss any risk of a small flame. Attention should be paid to the details, to the spirit of woodpecker, to pay attention to the smallest risk points and links, pay attention to these small risks, small links, Xiao Yuanqi said.