Even if it's crowded, long vacations are still necessary

National Day holiday, many tourist attractions have appeared overcrowding, West Lake people do not see the bridge, standing in the Great Wall can only count the head...... If these conditions continue to develop, not only will the passenger experience become extremely bad because of too many tourists, but also more likely to happen to passengers stranded or even large-scale casualties.gay spa
Before the argument changes, we should first understand the causes of the situation. The causes are often clear and the measures are surfacing. The best tool for analyzing such a social problem is to study economics of cooperation, competition, cost and benefit.
Natural scenic spots are affected by the seasons of the year in addition to the statutory holidays. The first time I went to Taishan, I was on a business trip to Tai'an and took a tour by the way. It was December, the cold weather, Taishan is one of the most light, all the way from the red gate is sparsely populated, buying into the mountain to the summit, there are dozens of tourists.gay sauna
The second was the May holiday. The mountain roads were so crowded that the cable cars were waiting for an hour. Two visitors feel very different, in December, the top 15 degrees below zero temperatures doomed this is not a good time to travel, but the cold in Taishan, but highlights the humanistic qualities; second is the family traveling together, although crowded, but also lively.gay bar
This is not only a personal experience, but also can reflect the two problems of the child is father of the man.
First, the current problems of tourist attractions, in essence, the supply capacity of scenic spots can not meet the pressure demand peak. Certainly not the ancient mountains scenic spot in the modern sense, a mature area means that the capital investment, infrastructure construction, auxiliary facilities: transportation, utilities, hotels, restaurants, management staff, cleaning staff, facilities and safety facilities of recreation and even WIFI.
These inputs are bound to require returns. This is the way to answer, why the ancients traveled without tickets today and beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, but around Mount Lu needs to spend 1700 yuan. Of course, whether the price is reasonable or not is another matter.
According to the knowledge of economics, to profit maximization as the goal, a scenic reception ability, can not necessarily according to the number of visitors to the peak period of design, because of this design, on the loss of more. Then, a scenic area reception capacity so that together, the logical nature, during the National Day holiday, major scenic spots are overcrowded, the National Scenic Area reception capacity can not meet the demand of the golden week peak.gay club
The second problem is that the essence of tourism is not just tourism, but the family travel, or colleagues and friends travel together. Most of the time, we travel not only to enjoy the picturesque scenery, but also to spend time with family, friends and lovers.
And these two problems are the substantive needs and difficulties behind the long holiday tourism problem. The solution, of course, is diversion, and the question is: how to shunt?
In the market economy, the price seems to be a better way: let the scenic area to develop their own prices, scenic spots will naturally reduce prices in the trough, when the peak price. Distract travel demands from other periods, curb travel options during the National Day holidays, and leave them at home to read.
Still, there are big problems with price measures.
Now the area can indeed be called overload, but in a sense, the overload itself shows that this area is the maximum reception capacity, as a market operator, why scenic area will take the initiative to limit their ability to overload the reception? Therefore, the increase in prices will not be the best tourist experience for the goal - for example, Taishan limited to 1000 climbers, but to the scenic reception capacity as the target, visitors experience is still not very good.
Secondly, because the information is not transparent, passengers often when taoqianmaipiao know the price, this time, tired, before this happened, family Travel Journey fare coordination is a sunk cost, compared to these costs, the cost of the scenic spot in the consideration of the weight is very small, it is difficult to get to the shunt effect.gay sex massgae
Simply put, a family of 5, come and go 8000 tickets, 7 days accommodation, 3000 are spent, scenic tickets for a person up 100, a total of 500 yuan, do not they go in? At this time, the demand for scenic spots in fact is not a price elasticity, but the lack of price elasticity, the price increases only scenic income, and can not effectively weaken the demand. This is not to deny the regulatory role of market prices, but the information is opaque, the market has failed.asia gay massage
Even if the price measures the market through years of implementation, the information asymmetry prices eased, when people in the home can accurately estimate the cost of the entire trip, but scenic spots still account for only a small part of the entire course of travel travel and accommodation expenses, not to mention the National Day holiday is only at present, consider to coordinate the cost of family and friends, the price of less proportion in people's balance.
So, even if there is no information asymmetry, in a certain price range, scenic area is still the lack of price elasticity, can play the role of prices is still very small, and when the ticket rose to make them when not willing to go in extent, has apparently lost social equity -- is more important to consider each of the tourists to scenic spots, the marginal cost is extremely small, scenic spots will try to maximize the reception capacity, the price rose to not allow visitors to enter the scenic area, scenic operators do not meet.gay male massage videos