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China Youth Network Beijing October 3 (reporter correspondent Chen Chen Jiang Runmiao) National Day holiday second days, a 70 year old man braved the rain came to Beijing subway Taoranting Park station. Instead of taking the subway, she came to send a red envelope". There is a 10 yuan note and a letter in the red envelope.gay massage
Home network in | 10 yuan because it a 70 year old man cried two times
The red envelope from the old man was a 10 yuan note and a letter inside. Jiang Runmiao photo
"Respect Beijing armed police officers and soldiers, you are good!"!" The old worker wrote a thank-you note in his full handwriting:
It turned out that at half past six on the evening of October 1st, the old man planned to take the subway to visit her 95 year old mother.boy massage
At that time, the old man took more luggage, when the elevator, the subway guards two armed police officers to help her. The old man said that he was moved to tears, but she was still more moved.
When the old pit encounter problems, no cash, a soldier without demur took out 10 dollars from his pocket. The old man asked the soldier's name and would return it, but the soldier said no.. The old man's tears welled up again......
The old man came into the station smoothly! In just a few minutes, the 70 year old man shed tears for the two time.
The old man said in the letter: "at that time, I think, in the whole country and the family reunion happy day, the armed police officers and men to the security of the capital, for the safety of all families, they stick to the post.". They also have parents and relatives, but they stick to each post for the sake of the people. Where there is a disaster, where is your figure?. You follow the call of the party. Where do you need it? Where are the armed police soldiers?. Military and civilian yushuiqing, you will always be the people most pro people, people is the most admirable people."gay escort
China Youth Network reporter asked about, found the subway video surveillance, but also found the two armed police soldiers. They are armed police corps of Beijing seventh detachment of a squadron of Huang Yu and Pan Beibei.
Money is the essence of exchange, then 10 yuan money can get what?
10 yuan, you can take the subway, from the south to the north of Beijing;
10 yuan can in an instant warmth to the old man's heart;
10 yuan money can be full of goodwill, the relay circulation, let a gratitude touched human transmission.
It struck in this cold season, may this 10 yuan of money to warm your warm, more and more people.
This is the story of the Chinese people.male massage