The old man suddenly fainted, female cleaners guard

1 morning, Wang Jiahui found the rescue of her wife's cleaner Wu Fang, and thanked her. Newspaper reporter Hu Jie photo
The old man rode an electric car to the middle of the road. Suddenly he fell down from the car and fell down heavily on the ground. Suddenly, the water came to the ground. Within 40 seconds, 3 motorcycles and 7 cars passed through the driveway.
After that, a cleaner went to the old man to check, call, hit 120 rescue people. Soon after, the ambulance took the old man away. Such a scene recently occurred in Banan district fish Hu road.
After club
They never regretted knowing who the benefactor was
At 11:20 on the morning of October 1st, No. 36, Hu Hu Road, Banan District, a public toilet at the gate of Longjing Jiayuan district. The rescued old man, Liu Xinsheng's wife, Wang Hui, had no difficulty finding the place.
A phone call, she began to walk up and down, look around. At 11:30, a woman in a sanitation suit approached the toilet. "Are you Wu Fang?"" Wang Jiahui strides forward and gets the other's approval. She holds each other's hands tightly and will not let go for a long time.
"You saved my husband's life. I've been looking for you for a long time."!" The speech, Wang Jiahui put a box of moon cake, a pile of money to the other side spurt.
This situation made Wu Fang a little Mongolia, while waving back, he repeatedly shouted "no, no". Wang Jiahui "," continue to attack he's really not letting this go "". Two people, four hands wrapped together, attracted passers-by onlookers, thought it was sauna
Until the end, Wu Fang still did not accept. That Wu Fang is a public toilet administrator, living in the management of the public toilet side, Wang Jiahui finally quietly 1000 yuan and moon cake hidden under Wu Fang's bed secretly.
Wang Jiahui came alone. Her 75 year old wife, Liu Xinsheng, is still in hospital. Two days ago, is in this place, Liu Xinsheng due to cerebral infarction, down from the car, on a short coma, head cracking, bleeding. Soon, the ambulance was rushed to the hospital by the public. For the next two days, Liu Xinsheng's family was eager to know what had happened to the old man before the ambulance arrived Who saved him? Eventually, the cameras at the gate of the Longjing Jiayuan district gave them the answers they wanted.
Video truth
The old man fell to the ground, ten cars passing, she actively rescue
Because the video is silent, can not know when Wu Fang and the elderly dialogue.
Rescue bar
She was also frightened by the old man's injuries
Yesterday afternoon, rescue Wu Fang introduced, Liu Xinsheng heavy fall, she is managing the room, catch up with cooking. She is still at Bay Street comprehensive do part-time security patrol.
When he heard the "bang" on the road, he came out and saw an old man lying there." Wu Fang said, after the old man fell to the ground, busy cooking, she immediately rushed out. At this point, Liu Xinsheng has been unconscious. Although the car came, but no one stopped, Wu Fang immediately walked past.
Simple view of the elderly, Wu Fang tried to communicate with the elderly, at this time the old man seems unable to answer. Seeing this, Wu Fang immediately dialed 120, and then guarded the old man.
Before 120 came, the old man woke up and Wu Fang immediately asked for his family's telephone number. But the old man could not remember his family phone number and barely spoke at home.
Wu Fang repeatedly call no answer, burning with impatience. During the period, passers-by came and scattered, scattered and come again. The old man was bleeding, the scene was scary, and Wu Fang was a little scared.
Then, a young man on a bicycle appeared, guarding the old man with Wu Fang until the ambulance arrived.
Not greedy for work
She said she didn't do much and thanked everyone for her help
"I don't do much, and I want to thank the young man, too." Wu Fang said she was grateful to the young man, who accompanied him to take care of the old.
"Can they bring an ambulance?"" In carrying the old man onto the ambulance, Wu Fang asked whether the medical staff can bring the old electric car and the car along with the ambulance, she worried that the old man woke up and could not find these things will worry. But medical staff said that the ambulance has regulations, because of limited space, only with injured personnel and relatives.
Wu Fang left the old man's electric car in the management room. There was a bag of corn on the handle of the car, just in the management of the house. There was an ice chest. She put the corn in the refrigerator and feared it might be sex massage
Two days, Wu Fang repeatedly dialed the phone number, hope to its origin owner but no one answered. In fact, Liu Xinsheng's family also repeatedly asked 120, which kind of person calls? 120, the staff said that the phone is too much to check out. These two days, Liu family in the hospital also busy as a group, but even so, but they have been sorry: who saved the old man? Wang Jiahui just got home the night before and got a phone call from Wu Fang, which started the scene.
The doctor said Liu Xinsheng was responsible for the emergency, the elderly have cerebral infarction, was suddenly brain ischemia, thanks to the hospital in time. "If it wasn't for her, the husband was really in danger and really thanked her!" Wang Jiahui escort
Newspaper reporter Jing ran correspondent Yan Minghua
In the face of news
She cares more about life than being wrong
Chongqing morning news: did you hear about saving people from being wrong?
Wu Fang: I have heard of it. But that's only a few.
Chongqing Morning Post: you are not afraid of being wrong?
Wu Fang: people have fallen to the ground. Where can I think about that?. It's life. When I was a patrol, I met something that happened. I had to rush for the first time. I got used to male massage videos