High speed emergency Lane parking near the cliffs to caikong lost their lives

CNR net Ganzhou on October 3rd news according to Chinese sound "center wide news" reported yesterday (October 2nd) 5 a.m., Daguang Expressway (Jiangxi province Suichuan county) the emergency Lane on the occurrence of an accident, a driver in the emergency parking lane, to the highway fence outside the toilet, accidentally cliff caikong lost his life.gay massage
According to the Jiangxi high-speed eight detachment of a brigade police, at 7 yesterday morning, they are the East patrol Daguang Expressway 2969 km +100 meters, found people waving for help in the emergency lane, police immediately get off the view. The scene of a car 120 emergency vehicles and a Guangdong brand van parked in the emergency lane, medical personnel and several other people are under the steep slope highway guardrail will be a way to lift the wounded men, then because of the steep slope is too short, the injured is very difficult to come up in case of emergency, the police immediately stopped the car on the way the car, the joint rescue the injured up together.male massage
Unfortunately, the injured man was confirmed dead by the doctor. Upon inquiry, the family learned that they are a family of four from Guangdong to Hubei Enshi home for the Mid Autumn Festival, and two children in the car, around 5 am passing through here, because of the urgency to the driver, the car will be parked in the emergency lane highway, highway guardrail to go to the toilet, a small heart on steep fall caikong down. At present, the accident has been handed over to the local police station.boy massage
This accident is shocking, there are also worthy of reflection, that is, high-speed emergency lane, parking can not be arbitrary. In the patrol process, the police found that many vehicles illegal occupation of the emergency lane, and because of illegal occupation of the emergency Lane caused many traffic accidents. The police once again remind the driver, the emergency lane highway is the "path of life", only for emergency vehicles, in addition to the vehicle fails, any vehicle at any time can not travel and parked in the emergency lane.gay spa